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Bangladesh begins casting votes in 12th national parliament election

  • Voting will continue till 4pm
  • Ensuring voter turnout in the general election is the biggest challenge
Update : 07 Jan 2024, 08:46 AM

Bangladesh’s 119.6 million voters are casting their ballots for the 12th national parliamentary election.

Voting began at 8am on Sunday at 261,912 polling booths in 42,024 voting centre and will continue until 4pm with 299 parliamentary seats up for election. Polls were deferred in one seat at the death of a candidate.    

With the ruling Awami League and its alliance looking confident to win the election for a fourth straight term, its arch rival BNP and like-minded parties called for a hartal on the day.

Amidst pre-election violence across Bangladesh, ensuring voter turnout in the general election is the biggest challenge for the Election Commission and the Awami League government.

The Election Commission made all-out preparation to hold the 12th parliamentary election.

The ballot papers were sent to most of the polling centres early in the morning.

Law enforcement and election officials took ballot boxes and other equipment to the centres amid tight security.

In this election some 10,000 polling stations are being considered as vulnerable centres.

Some 800,000 security men are there on election duty to maintain the electoral atmosphere by checking violation of codes of conduct throughout the country, of them, 38,154 Army personnel, 2,827 Navy personnel (19 districts), 45,185 (1,158 platoons) BGB personnel, 2520 (75 platoons) Coast Guard personnel, 600 RAB teams and 95 RAB reserve teams, 184,959 police personnel and 558,500 Ansar men.

Besides, 653 judicial magistrates and 2,076 executive magistrates are in the field to punish the violation of electoral code of conduct.

According to the Election Commission, some 900,000 polling officials including 42,024 presiding officers, 260,856 assistant presiding officers and some 522,000 polling officers are there to cast the ballot throughout the country.

The election is being monitored by over 200 foreign observers, much lower a number than that of the last all-inclusive polls in 2008.

A total of 20,773 local observers from 84 organizations are also in the field on the voting day.

Timeline: National Election 2024
07 Jan 2024, 21:55
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