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Dhaka-14: Presiding officer accused of taking pre-voting signatures from agents

  • Signatures are taken after voting is over 
  • Jubo League leader contesting for the seat
Update : 07 Jan 2024, 07:16 PM

The presiding officer at the Dhaka-14 seat has allegedly taken signatures from polling agents of the candidates at the Kallyanpur Girls' School And College polling centre before the end of voting.

According to the rules, signatures are taken after the voting is over. 

Activists of independent candidate Sabina Akhter Tuhin made the allegations and said that the balloting may have been rigged by taking signatures in advance on the empty forms. 

“I do not know why and for whom the presiding officer took signatures of the polling agents,” she added. 

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Awami League candidate for the seat is Jubo League General Secretary Md Mainul Hossain Nikhil. 

Balloting in the 12th national polls in Bangladesh ended on Sunday amidst a largely peaceful environment. 

Voting began at 8am at 261,912 polling booths in 42,024 voting centres and continued until 4pm. 

Counting began soon after the end of voting with 299 parliamentary seats up for election.

Timeline: National Election 2024
07 Jan 2024, 21:55
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