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Kazi Shahid Ahmed: A name that will never be forgotten

  • He dedicated 14 years to the Bangladesh Army
  • Ahmed filed the first case against war criminals
Update : 30 Aug 2023, 01:35 AM

Kazi Shahid Ahmed, a distinguished entrepreneur, sports organizer, writer, and publisher, belongs to the league of individuals whose legacy will last in the hearts of people eternally for his achievements.

The notable personality breathed his last at 7:15pm Monday. 

Kazi Shahid Ahmed is a name that will be remembered by many for his contribution to Bangladesh’s Liberation War, freedom of speech, education, and successful businesses. 

He is a pioneer of modern journalism in Bangladesh.  He was the publisher and editor of Ajker Kagoj.

Kazi Shahid is survived by his wife Ameenah Ahmed, a renowned Rabindra Sangeet singer, and three sons. 

His eldest son Kazi Nabil Ahmed, is a Member of Parliament from the Awami League from Jessore-3 (Sadar) constituency; second son Kazi Anis Ahmed is the publisher of online news portal Bangla Tribune and English daily Dhaka Tribune and youngest son Inam Ahmed is the director of Gemcon Group.

Early life and career 

Kazi Shahid Ahmed was born on November 7, 1940, in Jessore.

As the founder and chairman of the Gemcon Group, Kazi Shahid Ahmed left an indelible mark on the business landscape.

After studying engineering, he dedicated 14 years to the Bangladesh Army, assuming the role of a platoon commander at the Bangladesh Military Academy.

Subsequently, his journey in the business arena commenced with the inception of Gemcon Group in 1979.

The company has created jobs for hundreds and thousands of people, so far. 

Gemcon Group has been making significant contributions to the national economy through a number of business initiatives. 

He is also the founder of the first organic tea garden in Bangladesh - Kazi and Kazi Tea Estate Ltd. 

Kazi Shahid Ahmed founded the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) to promote modern education in the country. 

His other non-profit initiative is the The Kazi Shahid Foundation, which benefits countless individuals every year.

He also served as director-in-charge of Abahani Limited Dhaka, the country's first modern club, till his last breath.

Ahmed’s dedication to Liberation War

Kazi Shahid Ahmed was a vocal supporter of the Liberation War. 

After the political change in 1975, when many people did not openly speak against the anti-liberation forces, even in those adverse times he kept writing about Bangladesh's hard-fought freedom, the story of its independence under Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. 

On December 15, 1993, Kazi Shahid Ahmed filed a case against Ghulam Azam, a collaborator of the Pakistan occupation army in 1971, in Jessore for killing his younger brother - Kazi Moinul Hasan. 

He bravely decided to bring forth a legal case involving crimes against humanity, driven by the determination to restore a fresh wave of enthusiasm surrounding the nation's Liberation War and its valiant freedom fighters. 

Literary contributions 

Kazi Shahid Ahmed's literary contributions were equally significant. His inaugural book was published in 1995, followed by "Amar Lekha" and "Ghore Agun Legechhe" in the same year.

Another of his books, “Bhoirob”, was published in 2013.

Later in 2014, his autobiography “Jiboner Shilalipi” was published. 

In 2017, another novel, “Daate Kata Pencil”, was published. Kazi Shahid Ahmed said he had been carrying the story in his heart for 72 years. 

Kazi Shahid Ahmed's legacy is a testament to his far-reaching vision, determination and innovation. 

His impact reverberates through the realms of business, education, journalism, and more. He leaves behind a legacy that will continue to inspire generations to come.

Timeline: Death of Kazi Shahid Ahmed
29 Aug 2023, 18:32
Kazi Shahid Ahmed: A name that will never be forgotten
29 Aug 2023, 18:19
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