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Kazi Shahid Ahmed's heroic deeds during Abahani's difficult times

  • Rebuilt the sports club
  • Familiar presence on field
  • Joined the club during tough times
Update : 29 Aug 2023, 10:54 PM

Kazi Shahid Ahmed was the publisher and editor of the daily Ajker Kagoj, a pioneer of modern journalism in Bangladesh, and the founder of Gemcon Group. The creative entrepreneur was also focused on sports and was actively involved in sports organizations. He served as the director-in-charge of Abahani Limited Dhaka, the country's first modern club, till his last breath.

After the brutal assassination of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and his family on August 15, 1975, Abahani Krira Chakra was left devastated and running the team became a challenge due to various obstacles. During this period, Kazi Shahid Ahmed entered the scene and began actively managing the sports club alongside others. Later, the initiative, led by the late Sheikh Kamal in his lifetime, was set on the right path.

During that period, Harunur Rashid, the founding general secretary of Abahani Limited Dhaka, worked alongside Kazi Shahid Ahmed and others to manage the club. 

Reflecting on those days, Harunur Rashid said: "Kazi Shahid Ahmed was the saviour during the sports club's challenging times. He stepped in when the club struggled and supported others, boosting everyone's confidence. Additionally, an army officer's involvement in running the sports club was a significant motivation for us."

Emphasizing Kazi Shahid's role in advancing the club, Harunur Rashid said: "Kazi Shahid played a crucial part in the club's current success.  He knew the players directly. He often came to the field and watched cricket matches. He was a proactive organizer and valuable leader. His passing is a loss for the nation, as we have lost a valuable leader."

Abdus Sadek, the initial captain of Abahani Limited Dhaka's football team and a former club director, said: "I visited the club on August 5, which was Sheikh Kamal's birthday. During the visit, I talked with Kazi Shahid Ahmed’s three sons Kazi Nabil, Kazi Anis, and Kazi Inam. I inquired about Kazi Shahid Ahmed's well-being. I knew he was dealing with health issues and had been undergoing treatment in Bangkok for a while.  I am very sad to hear about his death.”

Highlighting Kazi Shahid's role after 1975, Sadek recalled: "Kazi Shahid Ahmed joined the club during tough times and played a significant role in the club's management. He was actively involved when the club faced challenges. Together with Shamsul Islam and others, he kept the club going during difficult moments. We even had meetings at Kazi Shahid's residence. His contributions were vital in shaping the club. That is something I must acknowledge."

Speaking of Kazi Shahed Ahmed's passion for the field, Sadek said: "He was a familiar presence on the field. His eldest son, Kazi Nabil, and others would come to watch the club's training sessions. He was familiar with the players, offering guidance and discussing the team's performance."

Upon learning about Kazi Shahid Ahmed's passing, Kazi Salahuddin, president of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF), said: "Kazi Shahid Ahmed was a capable organizer. He stepped in during the club's tough times and became part of the club's management. His demise is deeply saddening. I cannot express much more at this moment."

Kazi Shahid Ahmed joined the rebuilding of the club upon the request of two individuals. In his autobiography Jiboner Shilalipi, he wrote that Momenuddin Ahmed and the club’s founding general secretary Harunur Rashid approached him and asked him to join the club.

Kazi Shahid Ahmed wrote: "At their request, I went to the club one day. The club used to be a single room, without even a roof. Harun had managed to keep the club alive somehow. Dr Musa is a dedicated soul for the club. After observing and contemplating everything, I decided to contribute to the sports club."

Kazi Shahid Ahmed mentioned in his autobiography the rivalry between Abahani and Mohammedan in sports, said: "After the matches, there would be brawls. Supporters of both clubs clashed fiercely, sometimes even until 10pm at night. On the other hand, during those times, players from both clubs would sit together in a hotel or a restaurant, eating soup or Chinese food, and engaging in banter."

Timeline: Death of Kazi Shahid Ahmed
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Kazi Shahid Ahmed's heroic deeds during Abahani's difficult times
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