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Taposh as I know

'I am truly honoured to have him as my friend, well wisher or Choto Bhai'

Update : 08 Nov 2020, 02:08 PM

One of the most diminutive diversely talented person I have ever come across and by the grace of Allah I have met a lot of people all around the globe over the years. What strikes me about him the most is he is so genuine, there is no hypocrisy with Taposh. What he says and he does is clear for everyone to understand about him. A trait that is rare amongst us in this age of time.

Kaushik Hasan Taposh in his groundbreaking show, Wind of Change Courtesy

A self made person, Taposh’s achievement at his age is exemplary for the new generation as well as us, who are much senior to him and it tells us about the other quality in him, he is fearless, thorough and determined in his approach to anything that he sets his mind on, be it business, music,  his family, a helping hand or even just being a host to many wonderful events that Gaan Bangla have presented us till date.

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As an artist/musician he is one of the most naturally gifted creative artists I have come across. Whatever he is playing or whatever he is singing, he is better than most. Example of his ability and the creativity is the now famous and most sought after Gaan Bangla presentation of Wind of Change, which by now is a game changer in the Music Industry in Bangladesh and has opened doors for Bangladeshi artists/musicians to share the same stage with the very best in the world. No one else could do it, but Taposh did and that’s the difference he always carries and that’s why he is the only one from Bangladesh who has been honoured with Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award, making all of us proud in Bangladesh. 

I am truly honoured to have him as my friend, well wisher or “Choto Bhai” whatever you want to term but he is much bigger than I am in all respect, not exaggerating one bit. I am humbled by the respect he shows me and every one else around him. I know no matter where we are over time, near or far, he will always be my closest.

Happy Birthday, dearest Taposh! May Allah shower his blessing on you today and rest of the days to come. May you be bigger than the big. Much love.

Hamin Ahmed is a member of popular rock band, Miles

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