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22-day ban on ilish fishing begins Thursday

  • Ban will remain in place till Nov 2
  • Fishing restrictions aim to protect mother ilish


Update : 11 Oct 2023, 12:22 PM

The government is going to impose a 22-day ban on ilish fishing from Thursday. 

Ilish catching, selling and transportation will remain prohibited during the period to ensure the safe spawning of the national fish of Bangladesh during its peak breeding period.

The ban will remain in place till November 2.

On September 20, Fisheries and Livestock Minister SM Rezaul Karim announced the 22-day ban on catching, selling, hoarding and transporting ilish at a meeting of the National Task Force Committee on Hilsa Resource Development at the conference room of the Fisheries Department at Matsya Bhaban in Dhaka.

The objective of the restrictions on fishing is to protect the mother ilish which lay eggs during the period, he said.

Ilish makes the highest contribution to the country’s fish output as a single fish species.

Recognized as a certified patented product of Bangladesh, the fish swim to rivers to lay eggs. Ilish is very popular both in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. About 75% of the world's ilish is netted in Bangladesh.

Chandpur is considered one of the largest trading hubs of ilish in Bangladesh as the fish from the Padma River is more popular than the ones that come from other rivers because of its distinct taste.

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