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Loud explosion sound at Teknaf border sparks panic

  • Law enforcement on high alert
  • This gunfire seemed louder compared to other days
Update : 08 Apr 2024, 06:14 PM

Amid the ongoing conflict between the Arakan Army and the armed forces in Myanmar's Rakhine state, both sides are resorting to various forms of attacks, including bombings and mortar shell assaults, to assert their control.

Explosions from bombs and mortar shells echoed across various areas of Rakhine along the borders of Whykong, Hnila, and Sabrang from Monday morning till noon in Teknaf upazila of Cox's Bazar.

The echoes of these attacks were felt even across the border, spreading panic among those residing nearby.

Additionally, locals were on edge due to the ominous sound of gunfire resonating along the Marine Drive road.

Syed Hossain Mamun, an official at the Teknaf Upazila Parishad, recounted: "I was working in the office when suddenly, two consecutive loud sounds startled me. It dawned on me later that it was the sound of gunfire from the ongoing conflict in Myanmar echoing from across the border. Such gunfire has been heard several times since morning."

Rashed Mohammad Ali, chairman of Hnila Union Parishad in Teknaf, remarked that heavy gunfire had been persistent since morning, exacerbating panic among the people. 

He said: "The ongoing conflict in Rakhine is marked by the deafening roar of heavy gunfire, intensifying fear among people with each passing day."

Abdur Ghafoor, a resident of the Nayapara border area, said: "I heard alarming sounds from the other side in the morning, resembling bomb explosions. Several loud noises were heard at various intervals throughout the day."

Abdus Salam, a member of Sabrang Union Parishad, added: "Residents along the border heard gunfire from Myanmar's Rakhine State on Saturday. Law enforcement agencies are on high alert at the border."

Mohammad Alam, UP member of Ward No. 8 of Whykong Union Parishad in Teknaf, disclosed: "Heavy gunfire has been reverberating along the border since morning. Today's (Monday) gunfire seems louder compared to other days."

Meanwhile, Myanmar's military is engaged in fierce combat with the Arakan Army, a separatist group, in Maungdaw and Buthidaung. 

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Bangladesh Coast Guard have intensified patrols along the 54km stretch of the Naf River from Whykong to Shahpari Island in Teknaf upazila, ready to address any potential escalation.

Speaking on the matter, Lieutenant Commander Khandaker Munif Taki, the media officer of the Coast Guard Headquarters, said: "The conflict in Rakhine is an internal affair of Myanmar. However, in light of the conflict, Coast Guard patrols along the Naf River have been bolstered to prevent the influx of Rohingyas or any other group into Bangladesh."

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