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Law Minister: Ansars not getting powers to arrest criminals

  • Ansar battalion law to be made by giving priority to the statement of the police
  • No scope of discussion regarding caretaker government, he says
Update : 26 Oct 2023, 10:03 PM

Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq on Thursday said Bangladesh Ansar is not getting powers to detain offenders and frisk detainees.

The minister made the remark while talking to newsmen at the Secretariat on Thursday noon.

“Ansar is not being given any power. Ansar battalion law will be made by giving priority to the statement of the police,” said Anisul.

When his attention was drawn to the criticism from various quarters regarding the Ansar battalion members being given the power to arrest criminals and frisk people, he said that the home minister has clearly said that Ansars are not being given any such powers. 

Anisul Haque also said that in the law where there are questions, they will be clarified when they are sent to the standing committee.

According to the law, if any crime occurs in front of the Ansar forces, they can hand it over the offender to the police on the orders of the higher authorities, he said.

The minister also said that there is no scope of discussion regarding the caretaker government, reports BSS. 

"If you are talking about the caretaker government, then no, there is no scope of discussion. If you want to discuss any other topic, then it will depend on the proposal, whether there is any scope of discussion or not," the law minister.

"I want to make something very clear. The apex court in its judgment has declared the caretaker government system illegal and conflicting with the constitution. In view of this judgment, parliament has passed the 15th amendment. Now there is no possibility of bringing back the provision of a caretaker government. There is even no possibility of reconsidering the matter and amending the constitution," he added.

The law minister said the BNP-Jamaat alliance had taken all the steps to foil the election every time. It is clearly stated in the constitution when the election will be held and the Election Commission (EC) will declare the date accordingly, Anisul Haque further said.

"There is nothing called a polls-time government in the constitution. The Prime Minister had done this in 2014 in respect of democracy. Now it's her decision, what she will do or not regarding the polls-time government. This current government will become a polls-time government right when the EC will declare the election schedule," he said.

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