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FIFA craze: Flag themed lungi goes viral

A facebook post featuring the flag themed lungi of a page named ‘MIAH’ has drawn netizen’s attention

Update : 17 Nov 2022, 11:45 AM

The World Cup football tournament is set to start in Qatar from November 20. As the whole world becomes crazy with the football frenzy, Bangladesh is no exception.

From making a 600 feet long flag in Pabna, to painting bridges in Rangamati with the colours of Argentina and Brazil flag, or making jerseys and banners of favourite teams, World Cup becomes a celebration across Bangladesh just as it is celebrated across the world.

This year, on the occasion of the World Cup, social media is now  filled with the special edition of lungi of the most favourite football teams introduced by “Amanat Shah Lungi”. 

Netizens are showing mixed reactions to it on social media.

The  post featuring the flag themed lungi of a Facebook page named ‘MIAH' has already gone viral. 

According to theacebook page, Amanat Shah Lungi can be found with designs of flags of Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France and other football teams.

 Each lungi will cost Tk370, according to the page. 

The comments area of this post has received a variety of responses, both positive and negative, from readers.

While the majority of those who saw the post praised the idea of incorporating the World Cup theme into lungi, noting that as of right now, individuals would only purchase the jerseys of their favourite football team, a small number of Facebook users clearly expressed disapproval of the concept.

A facebook user commented that this is an insult to a country. 

During the world cup, flags appear to be everywhere—on shoes, clothes, and other items. Now, flag design lungi has been made. Is that right, asked the user. 

He also commented that he would not accept this, if this thing would happen with the flag of Bangladesh. 

Besides, a user made a funny comment with a suggestion of buying two lungis, one for wearing like a jersey and another for hoisting on the roof. 

Meanwhile, another netizen wrote that such comments and jokes by Bengalis themselves on Bengali national attire lungi are a blatant indication of Bangladesh's ethnic identity crisis, yet not unexpected. 

Congratulations to MIAH for its innovative idea, he added with frustration 

The people of the world are now extremely excited about the “FIFA World Cup 2022” since only five days are left for World Cup football.

Fans of the numerous foreign football teams competing in the World Cup are currently busy purchasing gear for their favourite teams, such as jerseys, flags, wristbands, and headbands. 

This idea of World Cup-themed lungis caught many people's interest in the interim.

FIFA Football World Cup 2022 is going to start from November 20. The world cup is going to start with the match between Qatar and Ecuador in Group A. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will end with the final match on December 18.

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