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Why is there so much hype around 12th Fail?

  • In addition to captivating audiences in India, 12th Fail has emerged as a beacon of inspiration for the youth of Bangladesh
Update : 03 Jan 2024, 06:25 PM

The current talk of the town on social media is the movie 12th Fail, a sensation that has taken the internet by storm. People from all walks of life are actively participating in discussions, flooding Facebook with posters, memorable moments, and noteworthy dialogues from the film. 

Even in Bangladesh, the movie has sparked considerable interest, with audiences eagerly anticipating its screening.

What sets 12th Fail apart is its universal acclaim, boasting an impressive rating of 9.2 out of 10 on the prestigious International Movie Database (IMDb). It is worth noting that this achievement is particularly remarkable given the absence of A-list stars in the cast. 

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that the film premiered two months ago, typically a timeframe where the buzz around a movie tends to diminish. 

For those yet to experience the cinematic journey, the question naturally arises: why the enduring fascination with this low-budget production?

Released in theaters on October 27, 12th Fail made its debut on Disney Plus Hotstar on December 29, broadening its reach and captivating audiences beyond India. 

The film is based on the true story of Manoj Kumar Sharma, a young man hailing from a financially strained background in a remote area, determined to carve his path as India's first-ranking government officer—an IPS Officer.

Manoj's roots lie in Chambal, a region marked by irregularities and corruption, even extending to the education system, where cheating in exams is commonplace. 

Despite these challenges, Manoj's father instils in him a commitment to honesty, even at the cost of losing jobs due to a refusal to compromise with injustice. 

To support his family, Manoj and his brother take up driving, encountering their own set of challenges. However, a chance meeting with an honest police officer becomes a turning point for Manoj, inspiring him to dream big. 

It is at this juncture, as a 12th-grade student, that he renounces cheating in exams, leading to his failure in the 12th standard—a pivotal moment reflected in the film's original title, 12th Fail.

Undeterred by this setback, Manoj persists and eventually passes the exam through his hard work. Despite mediocre results in his BA, he heeds his grandmother's advice and ventures to the city with aspirations of becoming a police officer. 

Fate introduces him to Pritam Pandey, triggering a newfound dream of becoming an IPS officer. 

Through unwavering determination, Manoj navigates various obstacles, supported by individuals like Pandey, Shraddha, and Gauri Bhaiya, who not only provide encouragement but also actively contribute to his journey. 

The movie reaches its pinnacle with a dramatic interview board incident, culminating in Manoj's achievement of becoming an IPS officer.

What resonates most with the audience is the film's powerful message—that human can triumph over any obstacle through indomitable willpower. 

This theme of resilience has turned 12th Fail into a motivational powerhouse, inspiring countless young people in both India and Bangladesh. 

The on-screen portrayal of Manoj has become a symbol of the dreams and struggles faced by millions of underprivileged job seekers in India, evoking a profound emotional response from the audience.

Vikrant Massey's portrayal of Manoj is nothing short of brilliant, breathing life into the narrative with his impeccable acting. 

Medha Shankar, in the role of IRS officer Shraddha Joshi, Manoj's lover, adds depth to the storyline. The supporting cast, including Ananth V Joshi as Pandey, Anshuman Pushkar as Gauri Bhaiya, and Priyanshu Chatterjee as DSP Dushant, deliver outstanding performances that contribute significantly to the movie's impact.

Directed and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, 12th Fail has garnered widespread acclaim, with many suggesting that Chopra deserves a hat-trick for the Best Production of 2023.

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