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Nona Pani: First movie to be premiered outside Dhaka

The film portrays the stories of marginal people affected by climate change

Update : 02 Feb 2023, 12:33 PM

‘Nona Pani' (Barren Waters), a film based on the stories of marginal people in Khulna who were severely affected by global climate change, is set to become the first film released outside Dhaka.

The movie is going to be premiered in Khulna on Friday at Khulna's Shilpakala Academy Auditorium.

Directed by Syeda Neegar Banu, the film is produced by Bengal Cinema Development Forum.

In a press conference on Wednesday, director Syeda Neegar Banu, Subhajit Ray of Bengal Cinema Development and film artist Rubal Rodi talked about the different aspects of the movie. 

The movie's story revolves around a village severely affected by salinity. The people who were once farmers have become detached from their family occupation as nothing can be grown in the ground due to high salinity. Their only means of survival is collecting shrimp pollen from the river. 

The film director, Syeda Neegar Banu narrated the story at the press conference. 

She said: “40-year-old Dashpai is a mysterious character. People of the village have doubts about whether Dashpai is a man or a woman. Dashpai's only means of communication with the outside world is radio. Another character is Romba who takes refuge in the village due to Cyclone Aila. Her husband had left her. Then there is 25-year-old Krishna who acts as a supporting actress in a Jatra team.” 

“Romba, Dashpai and Krishna are related by their loneliness, helplessness, stubbornness and struggle for survival. All of them want to stay in the village and they all want recognition. To achieve that, sometimes they stop being victimized and turn around to face the situation. The story and various events revolve around these characters,” Neegar added. 

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