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Celebs celebrate

Update : 04 Sep 2017, 10:43 PM
If you ever wondered whether celebrities spend their Eid day meeting other celebrities then the answer is “yes.” Stars were seen celebrating Eid with their family, friends, and with other famous people. Actress and singer Mithila Rashid’s Eid day was spent with her family. She, her siblings and cousins spent precious time with their “dadu.” Actress Meem Rashid and singer Shayan Chowdhury Arnob were also seen with them. Why you might ask. Because Arnob is Mithila’s sister, as many came to know from that photo on social media. They did not forget to play music and sang together either. For Sabnam Faria, this Eid was melancholic without her dad. So, Sadia Jahan Prova, fellow thespian, paid a visit to lift her spirit. Khayam Sanu Sandhi, Swagata and Shovvota always have boisterous celebrations and this time it was no exception. They were joined by Swagata’s husband cinematographer Rashed Zaman and cartoonist Tonmoy. But Sanu’s Eid wasn’t confined in the house. He was dutifully present at his FM station to entertain his audience along with Kona and Sarjina. Anchor and actor Aleef Chowdhury’s Eid is unfulfilled without the presence of friends. As usual, he was photographed surrounded by friends. Partha Barua was spotted beaming from the middle of the picture. Fashion designer Bizli Hoque and Emdad Hoque kept their tradition alive by celebrating Eid at home in Old Dhaka. She was seen maneuvering delicious Eid nourishment in a big ‘dekchi’ pot. From there, anchor Samia Afreen ran to a destination just on the outskirt of the city to spend the rest of the Eid day. Srabonno Touhida spent a quiet Eid abroad with her husband. Elita Karim celebrated  double because it was her birthday too. Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, Tisha and Sumi from the band Chirkutt paid Elita and her husband Ashfaque Nipun surprise visit with a birthday cake. Pori Moni spent time with FDC junior artists on the Eid day, which is seemingly becoming a routine of hers, as this is a repeat from the previous Qurbani Eid. To her, the junior artists are part of the backbone for a successful film.
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