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Keep up the pressure

The international community cannot forger the plight of these people

Update : 04 Sep 2023, 02:47 PM
That the UK Parliament's Foreign Affairs Select Committee Chair has lauded Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for giving shelter to forcibly displaced Rohingya population of Myanmar is an appreciable enough gesture, but the fact that she stressed on the importance of international pressure on Myanmar to commence repatriation efforts is what the world needs to take away from this.
Earlier this year, the UK and the EU placed a number of sanctions on Myanmar, from their aviation fuel business to prominent businessmen who have supported the Myanmar junta’s repression with arms and dual-use goods. Sanctions are an important tool in getting rogue regimes such as Myanmar’s military junta to play ball, but given the severity of the ongoing Rohingya crisis, the international community needs to start apply more pressure.
It has been six years since Myanmar’s brutal crackdown on their Rohingya population drove close to a million of the ethnic minorities to seek refuge in Bangladesh, which our government and our people graciously offered. However, given the current state of global economics and its impact on Bangladesh, a yet developing economy, the realities of harbouring over a million plus souls is starting to set in.
Providing shelter and sustenance for so many people requires means that are currently beyond our nation’s capabilities, and as such it behooves the international community to help us continue to offer shelter to the Rohingya with funding and support until repatriation becomes a reality.
The Rohingya refugees have already expressed their desire to return to their homeland and any further delays in their repatriation process cannot be allowed. The international community cannot forger the plight of these people.
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