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The world cannot abandon the Rohingya

The ultimate goal is, and has always been, repatriation

Update : 13 Sep 2023, 05:08 PM
Myanmar’s war on their own ethnic Rohingya has often been labelled, and rightfully so, as one of the biggest humanitarian crises the world has ever witnessed -- a crisis that resulted in over a million Rohingya fleeing persecution and finding refuge in Bangladesh and a crisis that is currently in its sixth year with no imminent steps towards repatriation in sight.
Until the international community finally realizes the gravity of the situation, it is incumbent on them to at least keep supporting Bangladesh in ensuring that all of the refugees’ needs are met while they are in our shores. To that end, the UK’s recent pledge of Tk43 crore in funding, through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, is most welcome.
As a yet developing nation, Bangladesh cannot continue to house millions of refugees, and the Rohingya deserve to live in their homeland of Myanmar as rightful citizens of their land. But until the international community starts applying actual pressure on the Myanmar government and repatriation efforts are ramped up, our country will need all the help it can get in harbouring so many refugees.
Help and funding that rapidly dwindled since the Covid-19 pandemic, was further exacerbated by Russia’s needless invasion of Ukraine and the economic fallout that ensued.. But the ground realities still dictate that more needs to be done.
It is nothing short of unreasonable for the international community to hold Bangladesh accountable in sustaining the Rohingya refugees while simultaneously doing little to nothing to facilitate the long delayed repatriation attempts. It is unfair to take such advantage of our nation’s generosity to such extreme degrees.
Bangladesh can work to make the lives of these refugees easier but we cannot do it alone. However, the ultimate goal is, and has always been, repatriation.
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