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Going nuclear

The Rooppur power plant is an important stepping stone

Update : 25 Jun 2023, 07:24 PM

The recent blackouts have exposed the need for robust, sustainable power generation in the country. Not only that, but given our development ambitions, a power generation infrastructure that we can rely on without fail is one of the most important needs of the country right now. 

On that note, the fact that the long awaited Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant will be inaugurated in September fills us with hope. As the first nuclear power plant of the country, not only is this an important milestone for the country, but its overall power generation capacity would be a reliable cornerstone of the power generation infrastructure. 

With a projected capacity of 2,400MW, the power plant is expected to contribute a huge boost to meet the demand of 15,000 megawatts of power that can be witnessed during excessive heat. 

Moreover, our pivot to nuclear power generation also decreases our reliance on traditional fossil fuels such as gas and coal -- the shortage of which has contributed greatly to the current blackouts. 

However, nuclear power generation cannot be the be all and end all solution. Bangladesh is projected to reach a demand of 50,000 MW by 2041. Given the scale of our nation, to rely exclusively on nuclear power generation would mean that every inch of this nation would be within critical distance of a nuclear power plant. Such a setup is not only impractical, but it would pose grave dangers in case of a meltdown. 

Given our ambitions of becoming a Smart Bangladesh, it is imperative that we generate most if not all of our energy from renewable energy sources as soon as possible. 

To that end, the Rooppur power plant is an important stepping stone, but we must keep our eyes trained on the future. 

For the time being, however, the Rooppur power plant needs to be set up properly. The authorities have to be on top of things so that there are no delays to the proposed schedule. Large scale projects such as this are a hotbed of corruption, so proper audit and financial reporting must be ensured.

Our country is on the verge of achieving another milestone. Let's make sure we do it right.

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