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Delivering services by post

Such an initiative truly holds the potential to revolutionize service delivery

Update : 21 Mar 2024, 11:12 AM

The government’s plan to convert local post offices into smart service points is the sort of forward-thinking initiative we should routinely expect from a government that intends to build an equitable and developed Smart Bangladesh in less than two decades.

Indeed, post offices acting as e-government service points, where the everyday citizen could avail as many as 325 e-government services, is extremely encouraging and could be a significant stride towards bridging the digital divide and fostering equitable development.

Such a plan not only enhances efficiency but, crucially, also democratizes access to crucial government services. By utilizing post offices as smart service points, Bangladesh ensures that citizens, regardless of their location or socio-economic background, can avail themselves of services such as birth registration, utility bill payment, and access to government schemes.

Such an initiative truly holds the potential to revolutionize service delivery and improve the lives of millions in the rural communities, where internet penetration is low, post offices as smart service points offer a lifeline to essential services, greatly reducing the time, cost, and number of visits to urban centres to avail services.

While this plan is still in its infancy, with only five chosen as the pilot, it is imperative that the authorities concerned ensure that this transformation of post offices does not end at the piloting stage, and that the entire network of post offices undergo this transformation. Too often, Bangladeshis are promised transformational change only for it to never materialize, and the onus is on those responsible for this initiative to ensure that this does not happen.

With Bangladesh firmly embracing the responsibility of becoming a smart nation, initiatives like converting post offices into smart service points demonstrate the sort of commitment to inclusive development and bridging the digital divide that instil confidence that such a goal is indeed possible.

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