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Internet penetration is among the most important factors to have a transformative impact

Update : 02 Apr 2024, 09:55 AM
It is good to see the total number of internet users increase after a decline of six straight months. While the decline of the previous six months rightfully raised some concerns, the hope is that the increase will be the status quo moving forward.
Bangladesh’s ambitions to become a digital powerhouse in South Asia is no longer a surprise; with its Smart Bangladesh 2041 agenda, it is bridging the gap between urban and rural communities that we must address above all else, eliminating the digital divide and in the process, revolutionizing access to information and services.
Internet penetration is among the most important factors to have a transformative impact on various sectors and we have already seen this transformation across Bangladesh -- from online education platforms that have democratized learning, making quality education accessible to students in remote areas to telemedicine services that have revolutionized healthcare delivery, especially in rural areas where access to doctors is limited to e-commerce that has created new opportunities for entrepreneurs and facilitated economic growth.
What is important now is sustaining this momentum, which will require a concerted effort from both the public and private sectors and pro-active planning to ensure we do not regress again. We must continue to invest in digital infrastructure to improve connectivity and ensure that no one is left behind. A further need is a sound regulatory framework that encourages innovation and ensures data privacy and security.
As we march towards Smart Bangladesh, an increase in internet users in Bangladesh will continue to be one of the signs of the country's overall development. It is imperative that we can harness our digital potential to accelerate our progress towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.
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