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‘It’s Time for Nature’

The importance of conserving nature, wildlife and biodiversity

Update : 06 Jun 2020, 09:18 PM

A virtual live discussion and seminar was conducted to celebrate World Environment Day 2020, with the theme of this year “It’s Time for Nature” which was jointly organized by University of Dhaka and CAPS, Stamford University Bangladesh. Distinguishedpanelists shared their thoughts on environmental conservation.The panel was comprised of Dr. Munjurul Hannan Khan, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Information, GoB, Muqeed Majumdar Babu, Chairman, Prokriti O Jibon Foundation, Vice Chairman, Impress Group. Professor Abdus Salam, Department of Chemistry, University of Dhaka, Professor Md. Zashim Uddin Dept. of Botany, University of Dhaka, Professor Humayun Kabir, Dept. of Geography &Environment, University of Dhaka, Professor Sajeda Begum, Dept. of Zoology Jahangirnagar University, Professor B. Karabi Farhana, Dept. of Environmental  Science& Management, North South University, Mohammad Azaz, Director, Riverine People, Professor Dr.Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumder, Chairman of Department of Environmental Sciences, Stamford University, Joint Secretary, BAPA. The seminar was moderated by Professor Abdus Salam. In his welcome speech he narrated the importance of conservation of wildlife and biodiversity including Sundarbans.

Dr. Munjurul Hannan Khan, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Informationhas discussed the role of government in the formulation of laws and regulations related to the environment. He said the Clean Air Act will contribute to improving the air quality of the cities of Bangladesh. 

Mused Majumdar Babu Chairman, Prokriti O Jibon Foundation, Vice Chairman, Impress Group emphasized on changing our lifestyles and demands. He said the media can play an important role to raise public awareness. 

Professor Md. Zashim Uddin, Dept. of Botany, University of Dhaka, said, we should plant local trees to balance our environment. He also emphasized on land zoning before planting trees in the city areas and also emphasized on more academic research on environmental conservation.

Professor Dr. Ahmad Kamruzzaman Majumder,Chairman of Department of Environmental Sciences, Stamford University also the Joint Secretary, BAPA said that, environmental awareness is not an easy task in a country where people are struggling for the basic rights. Even though there is no other alternative to use resources in a sustainable manner. COVID-19 showed us the results of not conserving nature. We should learn from the present Corona pandemic situation and correct ourselves, and stop polluting our environment and make plans for a sustainable development now.

Professor Humayun Kabir of Dept. of Geography & Environment, University of Dhakasaid, because of the environmental pollution natural disastershave increased tremendously. We will have to pay much more in the future if we don’t consider our environment while developing any sector.

Professor Sajeda Begumof Dept. of Zoology, Jahangirnagar University said, it was reporting every day that wild animals are being killed in some part of the country. Illegal trafficking of the wild animals should stop without delay.

Professor B. Karabi Farhana of Dept. of Environmental Science& Management, North South University, talks about the worsenedcondition of the air quality of Dhaka. She warned that if we failed to control our pollution source, we have to pay a lot more in the near future.

Mohammad Azaz, Director, Riverine People, shares his experience on the river pollution. He said Municipal wastewater is the key source of river water pollution around Dhaka city besides industrial effluents. It should becontrolled without delay.

Abdul Wahab of St. Martin master plan project emphasized on the conservation of coastal biodiversity of Bangladesh including all the coastal Islands.

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