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Fantastic beasts of Bengal and where to find them

‘A big hairy thing with too many legs’ is what a beast supposedly is, according to Ron Weasley, who had taken the trouble of writing down his opinions all over Harry Potter’s copy of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,’ before understanding that there are more aspects to beasts than he realizes. Although not as mysterious as the beasts from the wizarding world, the beasts of Bengal arealmost as difficult to discover.

Update : 12 Jan 2019, 07:09 PM

Being home to roughly 712 species of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and marine mammals, Bangladesh is a must-visit destination for all the wildlife photographers out there. Starting from the Bengal tiger to the lesser known Bengal fox, the beasts of Bengal are characterized by far more than just what Weasley had initially thought. 

The Royal Bengal Tiger

Found in the Sundarbans, lives to be the national animal of Bangladesh, however it only numbers up to 440 in Bangladesh with a decreasing trend in population.

The Sun Bear

This one is a bear found in tropical forest habitats and has been recently sighted in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

The team that captured its photos also managed to capture in frames the Himalayan Serow, Asian Golden Cat, Sambar Deer, Leopard Cat and Dhole, of which the Dhole is the most endangered Asiatic top predator as of 2010.

Arakan Forest Turtle

Locals in the Chittagaong Hill Tracts led conservationists to a new population of Arakan Forest Turtle. Once thought extinct, the critically endangered species was assumed only to survive in neighbouring Myanmar.

The Cheetal Deer

Probably the most widely known deer in Bangladesh, the cheetal deer

 found in the Sundarbans. This is the kind of deer we see in a sort of golden-ish hue, complete with white spots and antlers.

The Bengal Fox

 A relatively small fox with elongated muzzle, found in the southeast of Bangladesh. Although not endangered, the lack of proper habitat acts as a major threat to this species.

The Capped Langur 

Widely found in Lawachara National Park,The Capped Languris another species threatened by habitat loss. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests, and can be sighted in parts of Sylhet.

Having described all the fantastic beasts of Bengal, one should add that most of them are inclined towards being adorable rather than beastly, and thus should be protected so as not to become endangered. 

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