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Reticulated gas system: The need of the hour

According to a recent report published in one of the leading English dailies, a total of only 11 Tcf of gas is now left for consumption. There is little possibility that gas production will increase in the years to come, insinuating that Bangladesh is actually running out of natural gas. In such a backdrop, LPG, as presaged by the industry experts, is the future. As LPG is a booming industry, the focus should be diverted from natural gas and put on the consumption of LPG.

Update : 05 Aug 2021, 03:55 PM

The demand for LPG could reach 1.8 million tons by 2025 and 2.5 million tons by 2030.Under such circumstances, there is no alternative to ensuring safe usage of LPG in residential houses. A reticulated gas system is the way-to-go in this regard as the reticulation system is now so far the smartest way to use LPG.

The irony is that the way our residential flats are designed leaves very little room for kitchens. As a result, it is difficult to maintain the proper distance between the gas cylinder and the fire source (ignition/stove) in the flats, resulting in unwanted Hazard. A reticulation system can come in handy in consideration of two factors – first, it can be a safer alternative that comes with many added advantages, and second, it will inspire more people to go for it, which will ultimately decrease the pressure on natural gas. 

A reticulated gas system is an innovative piped network system that delivers cooking gas through pipes to individual kitchens from a centralized bank of the cylinder. LPG from the bulk storage/centralized bank set up on the ground floor of the building is piped through the header, and thereafter, it branches out to each residential kitchen. Making use of two arms- Active Bank and Standby Bank, the uninterrupted gas supply is ensured. When the gas is exhausted in the active bank, the “Standby Bank” supplies LPG until the gas company comes and replaces the empty cylinders. Moreover, a gas meter is installed in a suitable position that keeps a record of the usage of LPG. 

This system offers myriads of benefits. First and foremost, it’s an infallible secure system that brings down the possibility of any mishap to a minor percentage since the cylinders are kept centrally on the ground floor. Second, it saves both time and money. The consumers will not have to go to the market to bring a cylinder, and carry it to the kitchen. They will not have to stand in queue as well for depositing bills. Moreover, as this is a metered system, every user can monitor the usage limit and enjoy an uninterrupted gas supply without worrying about running out of gas. Third, it will add aesthetic value to your place. Often it is seen that cylinders ruin the very beauty of the kitchen occupying a major space. It also sometimes gets more awkward when cylinders turn out to be the reason for damaging the floor or tiles while moving it. With a reticulated gas system in place, the users can remain free of these hitches.    

Besides, owing to its diversified benefits, this smart technology is changing the way houses and establishments are being designed. As a result, many are opting for this kind of system. Since this modern system comes with various far-reaching benefits, house owners and developers are being increasingly interested in this state-of-the-art facility. As for example, G-Gas LPG, a product of Energypac.


PowerGeneration Limited (EPGL), has recently integrated a reticulation project in a condominium where 402 families are availing of this facility.

Nadira Sultana, a private job holder, living in that condominium, shared, “Our developer installed reticulation system beforehand. We feel much relaxed as we are now using LPG from a reticulated system provided by G-Gas installed in our apartment on the ground floor. We don’t have to keep the cylinder in our kitchen, making it all the more convenient for me as I have used the space required for the cylinder for other purposes. This is such a smart approach, that have not only kept the beauty of my kitchen intact, but also helped me avail of uninterrupted gas supply.”

Taking the multi-faceted benefits of reticulated gas system into account, it will be a prudent decision to popularize its usage in establishments and residential buildings.    

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