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Flood: Thousands stranded at Daulatdia

Many have left home and taken shelter in the houses of their relatives

Update : 22 Aug 2021, 09:03 PM

The water level of the Padma at Daulatdia point in Goalanda has risen In the last 24 hours, and is flowing at 48cm above the danger level. 

However, the water level at Sengram Point in Pangsha has receded. The water-level of Padma at Mahendrapur point of Sadar remains unchanged.

This was later confirmed by Gauge leaders for water measurement in Daulatdia, Pangsha and Mahendrapur on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, thousands of people in the low-lying areas have been stranded as the water-level of Padma water at Daulatdia point in Goalanda rises. Charanchol residents are fearing floods if the water level continues to rise.

Khairul, a resident of Daulatdia Kushahata char, said about 120 families live in the Kushahat area. 

“So far flood water has not entered anyone's home. But you have to go from one house to another by boat. If the water level continues to rise in this way, it will flood the houses quickly,” he said. 

Meanwhile, a large area of the char has been submerged, leading to the crisis of cattle feed.

Besides, flood water has entered Bahadurpur of Pangsha, Ratandia of Kalukhali, Khanganj of Sadar, Mizanpur, Devgram of Barat and Daulatdia and lower areas of Daulatdia Union. As a result, the roads have been submerged in many places, leading to the traffic jam.

Meanwhile, flood water has entered parts of Konagram, Jamsapur of Narua Union as the water level of Gorai River in Baliakandi rises. As a result, about 30 families in the area are affected.

According to local Aziz Mahajan, about 35 houses in the char have been flooded due to the rise in water level in the river. Many have left their homes and have taken shelter in the houses of their relatives. He sought the cooperation of the administration in such a situation.

Gopal Krishna Das, deputy director of the Rajbari Agriculture Extension Department, said: “the crop fields may be damaged, if the flood-water does not recede within a few days.”

Abdul Ahad, executive engineer of the Rajbari Water Development Board, said water-level has risen only at Daulatdia point. However, there is no danger of flooding.

Goalanda Upazila Executive Officer, Azizul Haque Khan Mamun, said that no one has been waterlogged in Goalanda till now. The administration has all kinds of preparations to deal with the floods.

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