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Dhaka Tribune

Govt officer gives away Pohela Boishakh bonus to college student Rajib

Update : 14 Apr 2018, 08:23 PM
A government official has come forward to stand by Rajib Hossain, the Government Titumir College student who lost one of his arms in a bus accident in Dhaka. Senior Assistant Secretary Mondip Gharai said he wanted to do something for Rajib when he learned about the 22-year-old’s condition. “Your loss is irreparable but do not give up dreaming. We now share your struggle and dream,” he wrote in a letter to Rajib last week. Titumir College student Rajib lost his right arm in an accident on April 3. The government has promised to foot his medical bill and employ him once he is recovered. His condition deteriorated a few days ago.Mondip told the Dhaka Tribune that he was moved by Rajib’s ordeal. “I felt the urge to help him in any way I could. But I’m a government official and don’t have much money or power," he said. "So, I decided to gift him my Pohela Boishakh bonus.” He said he hoped other people would also come forward to help the college student. “Our support is what he needs the most,” Mondip said. In a letter addressed to Rajib, he wrote: “My love and respect for you are profound but my abilities are limited. All I'm capable of doing right now is to gift you my entire New Year bonus. “I know it is a meagre amount but please accept it and never give up. We are always with you.”
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