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Covid-19: Over 1 million dead in 8 months

The total number of cases worldwide is currently over 33 million

Update : 27 Aug 2023, 08:32 PM

The global death toll from Covid-19 reached 1,000,202 on Sunday, crossing the million mark in less than nine months since the first cases were detected in Wuhan, China, in December last year, according to Worldometer.

33,177,413 people have so far been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in as many as 215 countries and territories..

As the world approached the one million deaths mark, the World Health Organization on Friday said two million deaths from the deadly disease was not impossible.

The US remains the worst hit country with over 200,000 fatalities. Meanwhile, a rising number of cases may lead the UK to go into lockdown for a second time.

Peru has suffered the most deaths per one million population with 972 fatalities. Deaths per million stands at 668 in Spain, 664 in Brazil, 631 in the US, and 618 in the UK. 

Despite controversy over the health care system, deaths per million in Bangladesh stands at 31. 

In terms of deaths as a percentage of total infections, Italy is leading the list with 11.63%, while in Mexico it is 10.50%, UK 9.78%, France 6.01%, Iran 5.73%, Spain 4.25%, and USA 2.87%.

The US tops the tally of fatalities with 209,177 official deaths, while Brazil has recorded 141,441 deaths, India 94,534, Mexico 76,243, andthe UK, 41,971. There are many countries and territories in the world that are still on zero recorded Covid-19 deaths. 

In terms of testing, the UK is now conducting 341,155 tests per population of one million.

Worst hit USA is testing 312,476 per million, Russia 309,011, Spain 252,795, Italy 181,987, and Mexico 12,882. Bangladesh is testing 11,567 samples per million population. 

South Asian situation:

Among the South Asian countries, Bangladesh is second to last, based on testing per one million. Afghanistan is carrying out 2,814 Covid-19 tests per million. 

Sri Lanka is now testing 13,051 samples per million, Pakistan 15,416, Nepal 33,432, India 51,515, Bhutan 172,718, and Maldives 272,085.

In terms of deaths as a percentage of total infections, Bangladesh recorded 1.44%, India 1.58%, Pakistan 2.08% and Afghanistan 3.70%. The other South Asian countries are below 1%. 

Bhutan has recorded zero deaths so far, while Sri Lanka has recorded 13, Maldives 34, Nepal 467, Afghanistan 1,453, Bangladesh 5,161, Pakistan 6,457, and India the highest: 94,534 fatalities till Sunday. 

In terms of the number of deaths per one million population among South Asian countries, India fared worst with 68 per million. Maldives recorded 63, Afghanistan 37, Bangladesh 31, Pakistan 29, Nepal 16, Sri Lanka 1, and Bhutan zero. 

The world recorded the highest 7,788 deaths in a day on April 7, according to Worldometer.

Of the over 33 million confirmed Covid-19 cases so far, 23.10% are active cases, 73.88% have recovered, and  3.02% died. 

On June 30, the highest number of 64 people died on a single day in Bangladesh. Of 359,148 confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country, some 75.58% (270,491) people have recovered, which makes Bangladesh 16th in terms of most recoveries in the world.



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