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Yunus meets Pope Francis, urges immediate action on Palestine

  • Urged to end all conflicts across the world
  • Urged immediate, permanent ceasefire in Gaza Strip
Update : 15 May 2024, 06:49 PM

Nobel laureate Prof Dr Muhammad Yunus met with the Pope and discussed global challenges at the Vatican City on Saturday. Prof Yunus was the co-chair of the Peace Round Table of the second World Meeting on Human Fraternity, according to a media release from the Yunus Center.

According to the Yunus Center statement, they rejected the war, prevailed over arms and wanted peace. 

The following is solemnly declared by the participants of the second World Meeting on Human Fraternity, including individuals and non-governmental organizations:

As the fires of war devastate Ukraine, the Gaza strip and the Palestinian Occupied Territories, Sudan, Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of Congo and many other places globally, the participants of the second World Meeting on Human Fraternity, renew the call for an end to the ongoing conflicts everywhere. In Ukraine, let the aggression cease, and let resolution towards a just and lasting peace be found.

An immediate and permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip must be declared to stop the killing and ensure safe and unrestricted access for humanitarian aid. They call on the international community to pursue with determination the two-state solution on Israel and one Palestinian, as well as an internationally guaranteed special status for the city of Jerusalem so that Israelis and Palestinians may finally live in peace and security.

The children of Gaza, nearly 14,000 killed by weapons of war and dying from hunger and disease, who can not shelter in hospitals that are being bombed, can no longer wait.

Humanitarian aid must be permitted in Gaza. Hostages and political prisoners must be immediately released. Let every attempt be made to avoid more destabilization in the Middle East region. The prevention of escalation of internal conflicts in places such as Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, DRC, and the ending of all conflicts around the world must be ensured.

The statement says it issued a solemn appeal to affirm Peace as the fundamental cornerstone of human coexistence. Peace is not merely the absence of war; it is Fraternity, social justice, ending poverty, gender equality, accountability to international law, cooperation among nations and within communities, it is the harmony of the body, the sanctity and protection of creation. Peace is a fundamental right of every human being.

Peace begins with each of us and is seen in the choices each of us makes every single day. It begins with you."

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