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Dhrupod 6: Bridging Art and Architecture at NSU

Department of Architecture’s signature cultural program

Update : 12 Mar 2024, 08:39 PM

Department of Architecture, North South University (NSU), celebrated Dhrupod 6, its signature cultural program on Thursday, with a rich and vibrant array of lights, colours, and captivating performances by the students and teachers.

Dhrupod, a signature event organized by the students and teachers of the department, aims to highlight the multidisciplinary talents of students and an understanding of the unified principles of art and architecture across the creative disciplines.

Initially conceived as a musical soiree featuring poetry recitals, with the passage of time, it has evolved into a spectacle incorporating various forms of visual and performing arts. The program featured a rich tapestry of cultural expressions including traditional, classical, folk, and contemporary music and dance performances, poetry recitals, and a poignant play from Bengali literature.

Live painting sessions infused the event with interactive flair, fostering camaraderie between students and faculty while nurturing a sense of belonging and academic kinship, essential for navigating the rigours of academic life.

Chairperson, Department of Architecture, Dr Nandini Awal, alongside all department directors, faculty members, administrative staff, students, and alumni from across the university were present at the program.

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