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SSC results: Girls ahead of boys in pass rate, GPA 5

The pass rate for female students was 87.71% as compared to 87.16% for male students. A total 148,446 girls secured GPA-5, while 121,156 boys did the same

Update : 29 Nov 2022, 01:14 PM

Girls have once again outshone boys in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations, securing both a slightly higher pass rate and greater number of GPA-5 achievers.

The pass rate for female students was 87.71% as compared to 87.16% for male students. A total 148,446 girls secured GPA-5, while 121,156 boys did the same.

Although pass rates remain high, they have dropped from last year. The pass rate was 94.50% for girls and 92.69% for boys in 2021.

Girls have consistently outperformed boys in the SSC and equivalent exams over the past five years, securing higher pass rates and numbers of GPA-5 achievers every time. The gap in pass rates between the two genders was the closest this year.

The outstanding performance of female students of the country is made more impressive by the societal pressure and discrimination they have to endure, including child marriage. The lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic led to a significant increase in child marriage and domestic abuse, but this was not reflected in the academic performances of female students.

Dhaka Tribune

A total 348 out of 363 students of nine foreign centres also passed this year's exams with a 95.87% pass rate.

The Sylhet education board recorded the lowest 78.02% pass rate on average in this year's SSC and its equivalent examinations. The students under the board participated in the examinations following one of the most devastating floods in recent history.

The Jessore education board recorded the highest 95.17% pass rate.

The pass rate under the Dhaka Board was 90.03%, 85.88% under Rajshahi Board, 91.28% under Comilla Board, 89.61% under Barisal Board, 81.16% under Dinajpur Board, 87.53% under Chittagong Board, 89.02% under Mymensingh board, and 82.22% under the Madrasa Board.

The Technical Education Board's pass rate was 89.55%, while the combined pass rate of the nine general education boards was 88.1%.

This year's SSC and equivalent exams under eleven boards, including madrasa (Dakhil) and technical education boards, started across the country on September 15.

A total of 2,021,868 students from 29,591 educational institutions took part in the exams at 3,790 centres. Altogether 1,599,711 students participated in the SSC exams under the nine general education boards.

The pass rate trend

According to Bangladesh Exam Development Unit (BEDU) data, the pass rate in the SSC and equivalent exams of 1990 was 31.73 % and it rose for the next five years.

In 1991, the pass rate doubled to nearly 65 %, and it stood at over 73% by 1995.

BEDU sources said the heavy use of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) inflated pass rates in public examinations in the early 1990s. When the issue of a fixed question bank of 500 MCQs was addressed in 1996, the pass rate decreased to 42.61%.

The Grade Point Average (GPA) system was introduced in 2003. Subsequently, the pass rate steadily increased to about 71% in 2008. From 2011 onwards, the pass rate has remained above 80%.

Experts say increasing flexibility in the evaluation of answer sheets and education system is the reason behind the steady increase in pass rate.

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