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Minute by minute: Thursday’s protest ends with violence in Mirpur

Students have been out on the streets since Sunday, demanding safe road and justice for the two students who were killed in a road accident on Dhaka Airport Road. Shaheed Ramiz Uddin School and College students Diya Khanam Mim and Abdul Karim Rajib were killed, and several others were injured when a bus of “Jabal-e-Noor Paribahan” ploughed into a group of students on Sunday.

Update : 02 Aug 2018, 10:17 AM

7:26pm- Demonstrators leave the streets of Mirpur for the day. The protest will resume tomorrow. 

6:30pm- Five vehicles are vandalized during the chase and counter-chase in Mirpur.

Chase and counter-chase take place between police and demonstrating students in Mirpur on August 2, 2018 |Dhaka Tribune

6:00pm- Protest is called off in Rampura.

A video shared by students protesters from Mirpur : Day 5

5:30pm- Chase and counter-chase take place between police and demonstrating students near Kafrul police station. Some students are claiming that at least five protesting students have sustained injuries in police baton charge, which led to the hostility between the members of the law enforcement agency and students from different educational institutions who have gathered there. 

A video shared by students protesters from Mirpur : Day 5

Chhatra League and Jubo League activists along with police occupy the road between Mirpur 10 and 13.   

Students claim that the activists and police are assaulting the protestors. The law enforcement officials are seen firing teargas shells and blanks to disperse the demonstrators.   

A video shared by students protesters from Mirpur: Day 5

4:47pm- Protest is called off in Shantinagar. 

4:38pm- Protest is called off in Mirpur 10, Panthapath, Farmgate and Dhanmondi 32. 

4:31pm- Students continue protests in the Shantinagar and Rampura areas. 

4:26pm- Students take position at Mirpur 10. Other students demonstrating in Motijheel, Shahbagh and Kakrail call off protests for today. 

4:13pm- Students end the protest in Shahbagh for today. It will resume at 11am on Friday, August 3. 

Students protest for safer roads in Shahbagh: Day 5

4:08pm- Ahsanullah University employee Obaidur Rahman sustains head injuries after police assault him in the Mirpur area while he was returning home.

Our Correspondent Kamrul Hasan is taking him to a nearby hospital.  

3:50pm- Students continue checking driving licenses in the Motijheel area, even after calling off the blockade.    

Students stage protest in Shahbagh demanding safe roads on August 2, 2018 | Mehedi Hasan/ Dhaka Tribune

3:38pm- Police baton charge students in Mirpur 14 after protestors vandalized two vehicles in the area. 

Our correspondent Kamrul Hasan is also charged when he tries speaking to them.  

Students protest for safer roads in Shahbagh: Day 5

3:31pm- Students march towards Mirpur police station and vandalize two vehicles, after rumours of law enforcers attacking a student in the protest area spread. 

3:30pm- Students call off the blockade in Motijheel. 

3:17pm- Students vandalize vehicles in front of Notre Dame College. 

2:54pm- Students only allow ambulances and emergency service vehicles to pass through Rampura. 

Students protest for safer roads in Kakrail: Day 5

2:40pm- Students attack a police sergeant who failed to show them his driving license. He is being taken to Popular Diagnostic Centre for treatment. 

2:35pm- Students vandalize a police motorcycle and set it on fire after he fails to show them his driving license. 

2:32pm- Students vandalize vehicles in the City College area, reports our Correspondent Ashif Islam Shaon. 

2:21pm- Students of Shaheed Police Smrity College begin leaving the Mirpur 14 area, after the college authorities ask them to return home fearing violent incidents. 

2:17pm- Students chant slogans demanding Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan’s resignation in the Science Laboratory area. 

2:09pm- Students of Notre Dame College, Dhaka College, Dhaka City College, Imperial College, Banasree School and College, Khaled Haider Memorial High School, Gulshan Commerce College, Fazlur Rahman Ideal Institute, BAF Shaheen College and some other local schools and colleges join the protest in Rampura.

They chant slogans to press home their nine-point demands.   

Students protest for safer roads in Shahbagh: Day 5

2:01pm- Students of North South University and Eden College join the protest in the Science Laboratory area.

2:01pm- Students from various educational institutes bring out separate processions.  

1:30pm- The number of protesters grows, as students from Shahbagh Model School and College and Dhaka Commerce College join the students protesting in the Science Laboratory area after the rain stops.

Students ablaze a motorcycle of a police official in Science Laboratory area on August 2, 2018 | Ashif Islam Shaon/ Dhaka Tribune 

1:22pm- Students of Shaikh Burhanuddin Post Graduate College and Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College help two vehicles of police and Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) pass through the blockade.

12:45pm- Students block Rampura Bazar Road and Rampura Bridge intersection.  

Students protest for safer roads in Shahbagh: Day 5

12:31pm- School Teacher Dil Nahar Begum Polly, who is also protesting with the students in Mirpur 10, tells the Dhaka Tribune: “I have asked for permission from the school authorities to join the protest, so that I can raise awareness.”

12:15pm- Vehicular movement comes to a halt in the Shantinagar crossing, Kakrail and Shapla Chattar areas following student protests. 

Students protest for safer roads in Shantinagar: Day 5

12:02pm- Vehicular movement stops in Shahbagh.

11:45am- Students disallow rickshaws and ambulances from entering the New market area. 

11:44am- Students of Begum Badrunnesa Girls' College join the protest. 

Students protest for safer roads in Shahbagh: Day 5

11:35am- Students check driving licenses in the Dhaka Commerce College, Mirpur 10, Mirpur 13, Shaheed Police Smrity College and Government Staff Quarter areas.

Students protest for safer roads in Dhanmondi: Day 5

11:31am- The general public joins the protest in Uttara, our correspondent Arifur Rahman Rabbi reports. 

11:30am- A bus of Meghla Transport is vandalized in front of Dhaka College.  

11:27am- Students bring out a procession at Jonson Road in Old Dhaka.

Students protest for safer roads in Science Laboratory area: Day 5

11:21am- Students chant slogans in the rain, blocking the streets in the Science Laboratory area. 

“They have vandalized two to three vehicles here,” reports our Correspondent Mahadi Al Hasnat.

Students start gathering in Uttara area to protest the death of two students who were killed in an accident on Dhaka Airport Road on July 29, 2018 | Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune 

11:18am- Students gather at the Shahbagh intersection. 

11:14am- Students block streets connecting the Jashim Uddin and Housebuilding areas in Uttara. 

Students protesting in Shahbagh area on August 2, 2018 | Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune 

11:12am- The driver of a local bus in Mirpur says: “Since BRTC buses are plying on the roads, there is no risk for us in bringing out our vehicles.” 

11:04am- Police try to control vehicular movement on the blocked roads.

11:01am- Students block roads from Mirpur 10 to 14. 

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10:55am- Our correspondent Md Kamrul Hasan reports that Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) buses can be seen on the streets of Mirpur, though few local buses are present.   

10:50am- Around 100 students gather at Mirpur 10 circle. More students are arriving.

Students protest for safer roads in Uttara area: Day 5

10:40am- Students create separate lines for rickshaws and motorized vehicles to control traffic in the Nilkhet, Science Laboratory, City College intersection and New Market areas and to check driving licenses.   

9:56am- Student begin gathering in Uttara.

9:30am (Thursday)-  Student begin gathering in Mirpur for the scheduled protest.  

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