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Chhatra League defies Buet student protest, demands resumption of campus politics

  • Rally called for demanding student politics be allowed back 
  • Condemned Buet administration's decision as unfair
Update : 31 Mar 2024, 08:04 PM

Bangladesh Chhatra League on Sunday demanded that Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet) authorities immediately lift its ban on student politics on campus.

The student organization’s President Saddam Hussain issued the call from a protest rally at Central Shaheed Minar on Sunday afternoon.

Previously, Chhatra League staged a protest rally, condemning the ban on student politics at Buet as unconstitutional, a violation of fundamental rights, and an anti-education decision by the university administration.

Saddam emphasized: "The farce of banning student politics must end in Bangladesh."

He added: "I have reiterated to the students of Buet many times that they should determine the framework of student politics themselves. However, student politics must exist at Buet."

Sheikh Wali Asif Inan, general secretary of the central committee of Bangladesh Chhatra League, said: "Practicing the spirit of independence, following the ideology of the Father of the Nation, and joining Bangladesh Chhatra League cannot be considered a crime. Denying any student this rightful participation goes against the constitution."

Bangladesh Chhatra League has protested the cancellation of the seat allotted to Imtiaz Hossain Rahim Rabbi, a student of the civil engineering department of Buet.

Simultaneously, the student organization has given a 24-hour ultimatum to the Buet administration to reinstate Rabbi's seat.

Commenting on the matter, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Buet) Vice-Chancellor Satya Prasad Majumder said on Sunday: "Following the incident that occurred a few years ago (Abrar tragedy), the students and faculty members collectively decided to ban student politics. Therefore, if they wish to reintroduce student politics, they must take the necessary initiatives."

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