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Fairuz's suicide: Students show red card to administration

  • Students criticize administration
  • Call for effective anti-harassment cell
Update : 19 Mar 2024, 05:34 PM

Students at Jagannath University (JnU) have staged a symbolic protest, displaying red cards to demand accountability from the university administration following the suicide of Fairuz Abantika, who accused a classmate and a teacher before taking her own life on March 15.

Under the banner of “Jagannath University against oppression,” students gathered at the university's sculpture square around 1pm on Tuesday, displaying red cards as a symbol of their discontent.

Addressing the crowd, Kishore Samya, a student of the drama department, criticized the administration's track record of negligence despite promises made by the current vice-chancellor.

She called for the establishment of an effective anti-harassment cell free from the influence of syndicates, with student and expert participation, to swiftly address previous harassment cases through proper investigation.

Shah Saqib Sobhan, a student of the film and television department, condemned the misuse of funds allocated for Covid-19 relief, alleging that the proctorial body diverted resources meant for pandemic response.

He demanded the inclusion of an external magistrate, alongside students and teachers, in the anti-sexual harassment cell, threatening to lock down the proctor's office within seven days if necessary.

Ivan Tahseeb, from the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, emphasized the need to combat oppression at JnU and called for the functional independence of the existing anti-sexual harassment cell.

He stressed the importance of student representation within the cell and urged for the development of a cultural movement against sexual harassment.

Tahseeb emphasized the students' determination to prevent future tragedies like Fairuz's suicide, demanding concrete actions instead of mere promises.

He pledged to sustain the movement until a permanent resolution is achieved.

Fairuz Abantika, daughter of the late Jamal Uddin, a former professor at Comilla Government College, was found hanging from the ceiling fan of her house in Bagichagaon on Friday night.

She was taken to Comilla General Hospital, where the on-duty doctor declared her dead at 10:15pm.

Before her fateful step, she made a post on Facebook where she accused her university’s assistant proctor, Deen Islam, and her classmate, Amman Siddique, of her suicide.

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