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Afran Nisho returns to silver screen with two movies this year

  • Debut in cinema with Surongo
  • Names of the films not revealed yet
Update : 14 May 2024, 07:45 PM

Popular actor Afran Nisho, who made his silver screen debut with the critically acclaimed film "Surongo" in 2023, is set to return to the big screen with two new films.

The actor has recently signed a contract with SVF Alpha-i Entertainment Limited for the two films in which he will play the lead role.

The names of the films and the directors have not been announced yet. However, it is expected to be revealed soon.

Nisho said: "An important aspect of filmmaking is proper coordination in all areas. The better the coordination, the better the film is likely to be. For that, you have to give it time."

"Good films require time. I've found this company promising. They have signed a contract for two films with me. I am happy that I have found them and they have found us," he added.

Shahariar Shakil, the managing director of the production company, said: "Afran Nisho returning to the big screen is certainly the beginning of an exciting chapter for SVF Alpha-i Entertainment Limited. We are eagerly waiting to see the charisma he will bring to our upcoming films."

SVF, an Indian entertainment company and Dhaka-based Alpha-i Entertainment Limited have joined forces to establish SVF Alpha-i Entertainment Limited.

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