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‘Khowab: Castle in the Air’ selected to participate in the famed Short Shorts Film Festival 2024

The film 'Khowab', narrates dreams and reality, the struggle to preserve heritage and the growing casual needs and crises

Update : 29 Apr 2024, 03:12 PM

“Khowab: Castle in the Air” by Hemanta Sadeeq has been selected for main competition section of 'Short Shorts', one of Asia's oldest and most respected film festivals among short film festivals. This is an Academy Award (Oscar) qualifying film festival.


The festival will be held from June 4 to 17 this year in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Among the 270 films selected from 4936 films from 114 countries participating in the 26th edition of the festival, Khwab: Castle in the Air is the only Bangladeshi film to receive official selection.


Khowab: Castle in the Air director Hemanta Sadeeq and producer Asma Akhtar will attend the premiere of the film in Tokyo at the invitation of the festival committee. They are scheduled to participate in a question and answer session with the audience at the end of the exhibition.


The film "Khowab", which narrates dreams and reality, the struggle to preserve heritage and the growing casual needs and crises. It tells the story of Kanchan Basak, the son of a dwindling weaving family that weaves traditional Jamdani sarees in Bangladesh for generations, whose possessions include an old hand-operated loom with memories of his grandfather. Just as Kanchan cannot ignore the prospect of earning more on a machine-powered loom without physical labor, he cannot sell the loom that his father learned to weave jamdani in his childhood. At the end of the day, Kanchan Basak struggles to cling to the dream of a beautiful next year, a year in which life will change.


The film's producer Asma Akhtar said, “This film is very special for us. The film was honored in the film market, its name came up in magazines like Variety, Peacock magazine featured our film, this time 'Khowab' is going to premiere at this prestigious festival, our joy is endless. It will be a great inspiration for us to tell more stories in the future.”


Director Hemanta said, "In the past, Bangladesh has been known all over the world on a large scale due to the handloom industry. But this glorious history does not have a special presence in our films. We plan to make a movie out of Dream Shadow. After seeing the location, basically we have a wonderful connection with the story.”

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