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Shakib Khan’s ‘Rajkumar’ to be released in lead actress’s home country

The film is being shown in 75 theatres in the US and Canada from April 19

Update : 19 Apr 2024, 04:11 PM

“Rajkumar” directed by Himel Asraf made it’s US debut on April 19. 126 theatres in Bangladesh are screening Rajkumar which about 90 percent of the total theatres in Bangladesh.

Along with the movie screening in the lead actress’s home country, US, it will also appear in theatres in Canada. This was confirmed on the film’s international distributor Swapna Scarecrow’s page.

The film is being shown in 75 theatres in the US and Canada from April 19. The distributor has also published the list of halls but the film will have a delayed release (one week) in some notable cities such as Los Angeles, Bay Area and Connecticut. They will release the film through Cinemark theatres in these regions. That's why, according to the organization's process, “Rajkumar” will enter these cities on April 26.

The film’s setting takes place in the US so it only makes sense for it to be released there. The movie’s lead actor Shakib Khan said excitedly "After the Eid-ul Fitr release, 'Rajkumar' was released in America and Canada from April 19, blessed with the love of people all over the country. After the country, this time “Rajkumar” will win the hearts of expatriate Bengali speakers, love will spread all over the world."

However, Courtney Coffey has not given any message about the release of her first film in the country. Instead, a protest post was found on her social media. Many viewers and critics complained that Courtney's performance in 'Rajkumar' was not smooth; Rather, she felt like a robot! The heroine replied to this. She shared a part of the script. Where the heroine is mentioned to be unconscious.

With this, Courtney Coffey said, “Critics say I'm like a robot! But my script asked me to be like that. So where is my Oscar?”

According to the production company Versatile Media, there are plans to release “Rajkumar” in about 40 countries in a phased manner. It started with the US-Canada mission. A message of liberation is coming soon to the United Arab Emirates.

Other notable actors also act in this movie such as Mahiya Mahi, Erfan Mridha Shiblu alsong with Shakib Khan and Courtney Coffey

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