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How are Dhallywood films released on Eid performing?

  • 11 films released this Eid
  • Shakib Khan’s ‘Rajkumar’ best performer
  • Some films are struggling to reach audiences
Update : 15 Apr 2024, 12:50 PM

During festive occasions like the two Eids in Bangladesh, movies used to be the primary source of mass entertainment. However, television dramas have been dominating public discourse during Eid, with Bangladeshi movies taking a backseat.

But, in recent years, there has been a resurgence of Bangladeshi movies during Eid with meaningful stories and melodious songs increasing fandom among urban crowds. This has led to a renewed interest in Bangladeshi movies during Eid, and their impact has been felt long after the occasion has passed.

This Eid-ul-Fitr, 11 movies were released in theatres. Although high expectations were raised for these films to bring back audiences to theatres, the current performance and audience feedback have not met those expectations yet.

Let us find out how these Eid releases are performing and what the audience is saying.

Multiple sources related to the industry indicate that “Rajkumar”, directed by Himel Ashraf and starring Shakib Khan, is leading in business and audience popularity among the Eid releases. The film's storyline has resonated with viewers on an emotional level, and Shakib's performance has been widely praised, resulting in significant audience presence in theatres, including Star Cineplex.

“Rajkumar” was released in the highest number of theatres—126. 

The film “Omar”, directed by Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Raz, secured 21 theatres, following just behind "Rajkumar" in terms of audience response. The film's story has captivated both audiences and critics, and fellow director Chayanika Chowdhury could not hold back her emotions after watching it and hugging the filmmaker.

There were high expectations for “Deyaler Desh”, directed by Mishuk Moni. Star Cineplex had allocated the highest number of shows for it. However, the outcome has not quite met expectations, prompting the Cineplex authorities to reduce the number of shows.

The film “Lipstick”, directed by Kamruzzaman Roman and featuring young stars Ador Azad and Puja Cherry, has been well-received and considered a good value by many viewers. However, due to various complications, it could not secure more than seven theatres.

Cineplex Senior Marketing Officer Mesbah Uddin Ahmed said: “The films are doing well during Eid. Rajkumar is particularly successful due to Shakib Khan's large fanbase, and Omar, starring Sariful Razz, is receiving extraordinary responses. 

“Cineplex is showing a total of eight films this Eid, with the rest performing moderately well.”

People in the cinema business believe that it is not possible to create the same stir as last year's Eid-ul-Adha, which had films like “Priyotoma” and “Surang”, because positive word of mouth is vital for a film's success.

After extensive research and preparation, Giasuddin Selim made “Kajol Rekha” with government funding, which has been released in ten theatres. However, there is not much excitement among the audience about this film.

“Mona: Jinn-2” has managed to maintain a somewhat visible presence in promotional campaigns but is only being shown in six theatres. Even then, many shows are empty, except for some audience turnouts at Star Cineplex's Bashundhara City branch.

Additionally, films like “Sonar Char” starring Zayed Khan, “Meghna Kanya” directed by Fuad Chowdhury, “Maya: The Love” directed by Jasim Uddin Jakir, “Green Card” by Kazi Hayat, and “Ahare Jibon” directed by Chotku Ahmed are struggling to reach audiences.

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