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Duronto TV’s seven day Eid bash

Duronto TV is spicing up the Eid season with new releases and seven foreign films dubbed in Bangla.

Update : 06 Apr 2024, 02:57 AM

Duronto TV is spicing up the Eid season with new releases and seven foreign films.


Hoi Hoi Holla- Season 3

 Hoi Hoi Holla_02

5 families of different religions live in the house of retired doctor Safdar Chowdhury. These families live as one family even though they live in different flats on different floors of the same building. They share daily joys and pains with each other. At one's peril, others come forward. These groups of children are always together in sports, mischief and merrymaking. This time, they’re after new clothes for Eid. The parents plan a surprise. A lot of funny things happen during the surprise event.

The show will be aired 7 days of Eid at 9:30 am, 1:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

Hasan Shahriar wrote and directed the show. Partho Pratim Halder. Kazi Afra Evelina, Ishraq Turya, Samadrita acted as child stars. Ayaz Mahmood, Kawsar Bin Mamun Other roles include Abul Hayat, Saju Khadem, Pran Roy, Shahnaz Khushi, Farhad Limon etc.


Banai Mojar Khabar Ma-Baba Ar Ami

Banai Mojar khabar1 

Duronto TV's cooking show “Banai Mojar Khabar Ma-Baba Ar Ami” is bringing special Eid cuisine. The show presents the process of cooking different types of nutritious food. In each episode of the show, a child brings their mother or father along. They tell stories and cook different types of food. Food through story-telling is the main attraction. The participants gives fun facts about the ingredients, and talks about the nutritional value and benefits of the food.

Hosted by Chef Afifa Akhtar Lita, the program will be broadcasted on Duronto TV on the 7th day of Eid at 7:30 am, 2 pm and 7 pm.


Dummie the Mummy

Dummy the mummy_01 

12-year-old Goos lives with his father. One day the mummies were being transferred from one museum to another in Egypt. While being taken, the truck crashed due to lightning and rain and the mummy came to life. The next morning, Goos finds the living mummy in a woodpile in front of his house. The mummy becomes his friend and teaches him many new things. Goos takes the mummy to school. He plays with his classmates. One day he loses the locket while playing and becomes ill. The story follows the lost locket’s recovery.

The Bangla premiere of the movie will be aired on Duronto TV on Eid day at 3 pm.


Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakaba

Dummy the Mummy the Sphinx of Shakaba_02

Dummie the Mummy lives at his friend Goos' house. He misses his parents very much. Dummie wants to be as famous as his father. He enters a drawing competition with the help of his friend Goos. Through many obstacles he gets the first prize. “Dummie the Mummy and the Sphinx of Shakab” is the story of Dummie’s success after overcoming these obstacle.

The Bangla premiere of the movie will be aired on Durant TV on the 2nd day of Eid at 3 pm.


Super Miss

 Super Miss_03

Josie takes a job at a children's school next door to her aunt's house. Her aunt was a teacher. One day while cleaning the house, she finds a magic statue in a secret room. She gets super powers with the help of idol and becomes “Super Miss.” The story is about how Josie, as Super Miss, stops the smuggling of animals from the city's zoo.

The Bangla premiere of the movie will be aired on Duronto TV on the afternoon of the 3rd day of Eid


A Most Annoying Island

 A Most Annoying Island_01

Everyone living on an island is afflicted by an ancient curse. In this curse, the inhabitants there and everyone including the Prime Minister starts behaving annoyingly. Only one boy named Hunter is not affected by the curse and helps slowly break the curse.

The Bangla premiere of “A Most Annoying Island” will be aired on the 4th day of Eid at 3 pm.




Rosi loves to play football. Playing football as a girl is not accepted by everyone in the family. Only her grandmother supports it. Due to her father's transfer, Rosi's new school is in the Netherlands. There is a friend named Jitte who plays in the school’s football team. With her help, Rosi also starts playing. The team saw Rosi's talent and the coach favours Rosi to the exclusion of Jitte. This causes a rift between their friendship. After a few days, a different inter-school football competition begins. Her team wins the competition. One day Rosi gets a chance to play in the national football team. “Lionness” is the story of Rossi's life struggle cantered on the game of football.

The Bangla premiere of the movie will be broadcast on the 5th day of Eid at 3 pm.


Circus noel feel the magic

 Circus Noel Feel the Magic_02

Little girl Karo runs away from home to solve the conflict between her parents with her circus friend Victor and Tony. They travel with the circus troupe and various incidents are encountered. At one point, they think they can't save the circus troupe. “Circus Noel Feels the Magic” is a story of the expedition to save the team.

The Bangla premiere will be broadcast on the 6th day of Eid at 3 pm.


The Smart Family

 1 Smart Family

Max's family is known for their expeditions of discovery. That's why their family is called Smart Family. Like every year, Smart Family goes to participate in a science competition. Another participant, Elon, wants to win by any means. He makes his daughter spy on Max. She befriends Max and helps Elon steal Max's formula. Meanwhile, Max's father, mother, and sister are imprisoned by Elon's people. They are rescued from there with the help of a discovery. Max finally participates in the science competition and wins. 

The Bangla premiere of the movie will be broadcast on Duronto TV on the evening of the 7th day of Eid at 3 o'clock.

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