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Anjan Dutt to perform in Dhaka on eve of Mala's birthday

Renowned Bengali singer Anjan Dutt is set to captivate Dhaka with his melodious tunes on May 11th, marking the eve of Mala's birthday.

Update : 01 Mar 2024, 04:25 PM

Anjan Dutt, the celebrated musician from West Bengal, will grace Dhaka with his presence to perform in a concert titled “Anjan in Dhaka Metropolis Volume 2.” The concert, scheduled to take place at Dhaka Arena in Purbachal, promises an enchanting evening of music and memories.

Accompanying Anjan Dutt on stage will be band Kaktal and singer Ahmed Hasan Sunny, adding layers of musical delight to the event.

Dr Imtiaz, co-founder of the event’s organizer, Arclight Events, shared insights into the significance of the event, emphasizing the emotional resonance tied to Mala's birthday on May 12th. Anjan Dutt's iconic song “Mala” has touched the hearts of generations, embodying emotions and love transcending time.

The concert will culminate with a heartfelt rendition of “Mala,” followed by a poignant celebration of Mala's birthday, symbolizing the enduring legacy of Anjan Dutt's music. For many, Mala's birthday holds both nostalgia and melancholy, a testament to the profound impact of Anjan Dutt's artistry.

Anjan Dutt's artistic contributions extend beyond music, as evidenced by his recent involvement in the Dhaka International Film Festival, where he showcased “Chalchitra Ekhon,” a film honouring legendary filmmaker Mrinal Sen. Anjan Dutt's multifaceted talents continue to inspire and resonate with audiences across borders.

As the countdown begins for Anjan Dutt's captivating performance in Dhaka, anticipation mounts for an unforgettable evening of music and memories, celebrating the essence of Mala's timeless legacy.

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