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Courtney Coffey calls Shakib Khan the Tom Cruise of Bangladesh

  • Currently filming in Pabna
  • Scheduled to be shot in US early next year
  • Anticipated release on Eid 2024
Update : 24 Dec 2023, 04:29 PM

American actress Courtney Coffey, who recently worked with Bangladeshi star Shakib Khan in the movie "Rajkumar," praised the actor, describing him as the Tom Cruise of Bangladesh.

Shakib Khan shared Courtney's message on his verified Facebook page.

In the video message, Courtney shared her experience of traveling to Bangladesh and learning the Bengali language during the movie's preparation phase.

She expressed her positive impressions of the country, emphasizing the warmth and hospitality of the Bangladeshi people.

Reflecting on her involvement in the film "Rajkumar," Courtney mentioned that she initially knew little about the project but became intrigued after attending Shakib Khan's birthday celebration with Himel Ashraf, the director of the movie.

Describing Shakib Khan, Courtney said: “Shakib Khan is the Tom Cruise of Bangladesh. He is as popular as Tom Cruise. Shakib was very professional, focused, perfect as a co-artist, and he was a lot of fun to shoot with. The whole experience of working with him was great.”

Courtney also shared her enjoyment of Bangladeshi cuisine, expressing a fondness for fuchka, sweets, and fish during her stay in Bangladesh.

Directed by Himel Ashraf and produced by Arshad Adnan, "Rajkumar" is currently being filmed in Pabna after completing shooting in Dhaka. The remaining part of the film is scheduled to be shot in the US early next year, with an anticipated release on Eid 2024.

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