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Most anticipated movies releasing this July

With no shortage of pink or dual outfits, movies to be released this July have created quite an audience buzz.

Update : 07 Jul 2023, 12:13 AM

With no shortage of pink or dual outfits, movies to be released this July have created quite an audience buzz. Here is a list of the top July 2023 releases to keep an eye out for: 

1. Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part One

Releasing July 10, Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt must work with the IMF team to track down a deadly new weapon that threatens all of humanity. Confronted by an almost all-powerful enemy, Ethan is forced to consider that nothing can matter more than the mission. 

2. Oppenheimer

Exploring the role of American scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer in the development of the atomic bomb, this movie is based on a true story. The film starring Cillian Murphy will be released July 21, 2023. 

3. Insidious: The Red Door

Hitting theatres on July 7, Set in a future 10 years after the events of the second film, Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert heads to drop his son off at university. His son's college dream becomes a nightmare when the repressed demons of his past suddenly return to haunt them both. 

4. Barbie

Bringing every kid's childhood into reality, Barbie and Ken will appear on screen July 20. Barbie played by Margot Robbie and Ken played by Ryan Gosling are living their best life in the colourful and seemingly perfect world of Barbie Land. But when they're forced into the real world, they soon discover the joys and perils of living among humans.

5. Bird Box Barcelona

Releasing July 14, Bird Box Barcelona follows a man as he navigates his own survival journey through the desolate streets of Barcelona after a force decimates the world's population. 

6. Bahattar Hoorain

Based on the Islamic concept of “Hoor”, the movie explores the depths of the human psyche and the role of brainwashing in religious terrorism. Focusing particularly on the promise of “72 virgins” and suicide attacks in the name of Jihad. The movie will be released on July 7.

7. Blind

The Sonam Kapoor starrer is about a blind woman as she unwittingly becomes the sole witness to a heinous crime, she unwittingly enters a deadly game of cat and mouse with a dangerous criminal.

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