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Ariana Grande visits fans in hospital ahead of benefit concert

Update : 03 Jun 2017, 08:50 PM
After the horrifying attack at her concert on May 22, which killed 22 and left over 100 others injured, celebrated American singer and actress Ariana Grande has promised to return to Manchester to make it up to the victims and “have a benefit concert in honour of and to raise money for the victims and their families.” As per her promise, the singer has flown back to Manchester ahead of her benefit concert which will be held today. On Friday night, Grande went to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital to visit the victims recovering from the blast. Peter Mann, father to a child named Jaden, who had to have two operations after shrapnel fractured both her legs, shared photos of Grande visiting his 10-year-old daughter at the hospital. “Jaden just sat there watching TV and she walked in. She was absolutely amazed! It was a complete surprise. She has a big smile anyway but it got even bigger, Ariana gave her a hug and a kiss, she was in awe. It was absolutely fantastic to see, she was so happy,” said the mother of the injured Grande fan. Titled,  “One Love Manchester” - the benefit concert is taking place today at Old Trafford cricket ground, in Manchester, with the participation of numerous globally celebrated pop stars alongside Ariana Grande including the likes of Justin Bieber, Niall Horan, Usher, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Coldplay, and Pharrell Williams. The organisers have already collected a fund of more than $11 million with a $US500,000 donation from Grande’s label - Universal Music Group. All proceeds from the concert will go to the “We Love Manchester Emergency Fund,” which was set up by the City Council in partnership with the British Red Cross.


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