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Mehazabien Chowdhury plays rape victim in 'Anamikar Neel Upadhyay'

Update : 06 Mar 2018, 10:39 PM
Anamika’s wedding is called off as she gets raped for refusing a local eve-teaser, Nikul Kumar. She attempts suicide, but in a twist of events, ends up in the custody of close friend and Bithi. Faced with such an unfortunate incident, she moves to Dhaka from the outskirts of the city and moves in with Bithi who extends her support. As Anamika starts to recover, Turjo (Sajal), a friend of Bithi, grows feelings for Anamika. But after learning about the rape, he has difficulty accepting her misfortunes. Mehazabien Chowdhury plays Anamika in “Anamikar Neel Upadhyay” while Sushma Sarkar portrays her free-spirited close confidante, Bithi. In a conversation with Showtime, Sushma said, “Bithi is a liberal feminist who runs a boutique house. Anamika is like a younger sister to her, whom she knew from her university. Her husband lives abroad and she is pretty much her own person.” About Mehzabien’s character in the drama, she said, “Many unfortunate incidents are bound to happen to a girl. It’s common for girls to commit suicide after such incidents. Anamika also tried, but decided against it for the love of living against all odds.” She said rape shouldn’t be allowed to dictate a victim’s life. “Rape is not something that should ruin anyone’s life. Accidents happen; it’s just another accident. The girl shouldn’t have to pay for it.” The drama “Anamikar Neel Upadhyay” focuses on the sufferings of rape victims which prevails in our society. Written and directed by Dr. Towfique Elahi, who has dedicated the drama to all the rape victims, as they are constantly stigmatized and shamed. He wants to address the issue of sexual violence and how we all can work together to stop such atrocities committed against women. Besides Mehazabien, Sajal and Sushma, Shelly Ahsan, Khalequzzaman and Nikul Kumar also star in this drama, which will be aired on NTV on March 09 at 9:05 pm.
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