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Fahmi’s To Be Continued hits theaters

Update : 29 Sep 2017, 11:49 PM
Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi’s long awaited film To Be Continued has finally been released on Friday, September 29. Along with Balaka, Cineworld and Blockbuster cinemas in Dhaka, the full length motion picture was released nationwide. To Be Continued has faced many ups and downs throughout its journey. The story took different paths instead of staying fixed as the shooting went by. Fahmi said, “‘The story of a film can shape itself over time. Completing the film is important and that’s what I did.” At first, the film was set to feature Tahsan and Purnima in leading roles. Later on, Tahsan withdrew himself from the production saying “It’s been six years. The story of the film changed a lot during the shoot. That’s why I parted ways with the production and requested them to do the movie without me. I wish them all the best.” Controversies ensued as Tahsan parted from the film, leaving everyone to doubt the film’s release. Sources have confirmed that Tahsan gets only four minutes of screen time and people are still wondering how the director has finished the film without the male lead. When asked, Fahmi picked an ambiguous retort and said “Tahsan will be seen in the movie as long as he is needed for the story. Personal relationship is one thing, but when it comes to work, it doesn’t count.” The film trailer shows Fahmi as one of the leading roles as was predetermined from the beginning of the production, which started in 2011. Sources confirmed that Tahsan was unaware of this fact when he parted from the production. Groundwork of this film started when Fahmi was at the peak of his career. This Channel i production stars Purnima, Mita Chowdhury, Abul Hayat, Aporna Ghoshe, Mishu Sabbir and Romel. Fahmi chose his birthday as the release date for his film.
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