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Dhaka Tribune

Dhaka needs satellite towns

Update : 16 May 2014, 06:56 PM

Reports of fraudulent actions by an investor in one of four proposed satellite cities around the capital, has prompted the government to postpone plans to progress  three of these developments.

The government is now only considering allowing Malaysia to construct the Kamrangir Char residential area under a public private partnership.

Given the immense demand for new and better planned urban development,  it is both feasible and urgent for the government to find new reputable investors to allow all the four plans to go ahead.

Plans to build satellite towns in areas surrounding Dhaka are the kind of project that we should be investing in for the nation’s future. Dhaka needs to build new developments in a way that takes pressure off its centre, while mitigating against endless urban sprawl.

Despite one primary investor being found to be engaging in fraudulent actions, this should not deter the government from pursuing plans to build three of the four residential areas in Bongshi-Dhamrai, Ichhamati-Sirajdikhan and Dhaleshwari-Singair.  New partners and investors for the remaining satellite cities should be sought and found.

We hope the pause in plans will allow more consideration to be given to ensuring these developments are planned in a sustainable manner.  It is vital that satellite cities are both built with ready access to local employment opportunities and have good public transport links for people who want to commute. 

Satellite cities are an important component in the urban planning mix and should be encouraged as a move in the right direction.

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