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Disability inclusion is a prerequisite for Smart Bangladesh

Persons with disabilities in Bangladesh continue to face numerous barriers

Update : 29 May 2024, 09:41 AM

There is no doubt that Bangladesh has made significant strides in recognizing the rights and needs of persons with disabilities. Yet, while laws have been enacted, much remains to be done to ensure their full inclusion and empowerment. 

Persons with disabilities in Bangladesh continue to face numerous barriers, including limited access to education, employment, healthcare, and public services. Despite existing policies and legislation, implementation remains a significant hurdle, often leaving those with disabilities on the fringes of society. 

The importance of a holistic and inclusive approach to disability rights can no longer be overlooked. It is crucial to recognize that disability is not merely a medical condition but a complex interplay of societal attitudes, environmental barriers, and systemic inequalities. Addressing these multifaceted challenges requires a comprehensive strategy that encompasses accessibility, education, employment, healthcare, and social protection.

It is now incumbent upon policymakers, civil society organizations, and the broader community to discuss meaningful change. By working together, we can create an inclusive Bangladesh where persons with disabilities are empowered to lead fulfilling lives, contribute to society, and realize their full potential. 

Empowering persons with disabilities is no longer merely a moral imperative but also an economic necessity. By removing barriers and fostering an inclusive society, Bangladesh can unlock the untapped potential of this significant segment of its population, contributing to the nation's development and prosperity.

We have aspirations of becoming a Smart Bangladesh in less than two decades. With such a goal, and with equity being at the top of our goals, it is imperative that disability inclusion is at the forefront of this vision. A truly smart and sustainable society is one that doesn't just say that it leaves no one behind, but actually follows through.

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