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Amplifying youth voices for a prosperous future

Young people have a unique perspective and a vested interest in creating a better world

Update : 29 May 2024, 09:44 AM

Our future prosperity hinges on the empowerment of our youth and the amplification of their voices. Too often, youth perspectives are overlooked or marginalized, depriving society of their innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and energy. It is imperative that we create the space for the youth to express themselves, encourage their participation, and foster an environment where their voices are heard and valued.

Empowering youth leadership is crucial if we are to cultivate a generation of changemakers and visionaries. By providing opportunities for young individuals to take on leadership roles, we can nurture their confidence, decision-making abilities, and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, youth advocacy can play a vital role in addressing pressing issues that impact their lives and communities. From environmental sustainability to social justice, young people have a unique perspective and a vested interest in creating a better world.

Investing in youth skill development is equally essential for ensuring their successful transition into the workforce and fostering a thriving economy. Providing quality education, vocational training, and opportunities for skill enhancement will empower young individuals to contribute meaningfully to various sectors, fueling economic growth and development.

Bangladesh's demographic dividend presents a unique opportunity to harness the potential of its youth population. However, it is unfortunate that, owing to the numerous issues plaguing the economy ever since the Covid-19 pandemic and followed by the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Palestine unrest, we have simply not been able to do our demographic dividend justice. 

By actively engaging and empowering young people, we can unlock their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and problem-solving abilities, propelling the nation towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.

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