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Friends in deed

Being more friendly with our regional partners will only expedite our own development

Update : 06 May 2024, 09:29 AM

One of Bangladesh’s greatest strengths has been our nation’s storied history of cooperation when it comes to foreign powers. Given the consistent growth of our neighbouring countries in the last few decades, distilling our natural proclivity to be cooperative to regional powers has always made sense when it comes to mutual benefits.

To that end, the increasing cooperation being displayed by India, Japan, and Bangladesh regarding matters of security and regional stability is absolutely a positive development.

Given the challenges of the times, the trilateral cooperation between these countries must focus on forging new and strengthening existing economic partnerships alongside its focus on security -- which means that, on a macro level, that in turn will require improved connectivity in the wider region itself. Given that Japan has been instrumental in the development of the Matrabari deep-sea port, which aims to connect India's northeast with Bangladesh, the groundwork for this trilateral relationship to become a success has already been laid.

It has been historically proven that exploring more avenues of cooperation with our neighbours is always the best way forward, even in the recent past Bangladesh has sought to forge alliances with countries such as South Korea, with increased trade and investment opportunities being fostered.

Needless to say, being more friendly with our regional partners will only expedite our own development in the long run.

With the rise of instability in the region, the most prominent being the recent internal conflict in our neighbouring Myanmar spilling over onto our borders, bolstering cooperative security responses will be absolutely key for Bangladesh.

We hope that the wider region can learn from past failures such as Saarc and truly codify regional cooperation as a part of foreign policy. Bangladesh will most certainly do its part, to that end.
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