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Development is meaningless without safety

What is also equally important is judicial reform

Update : 05 Apr 2024, 04:50 PM

Despite all of our lofty claims of becoming a torchbearer for development, there is a legitimate concern about whether such development amounts to much when safety remains an issue across the nation, especially for women.

Indeed, as per statistics from the nation’s police, in 2023, the police registered 3,028 murder cases and even more disturbing are the 5,202 rape cases and a further 11,037 cases of violence against women. Although there has been a significant decrease in acid attacks due to government and private initiatives, there were still 10 incidents in 2023, 11 in 2022, and 12 in 2021.

Overall, these statistics point to a disturbing trend that severe crimes in the country continue to persist at an unacceptable rate, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address and prevent such atrocities.

While strengthening and empowering our law enforcement agencies is paramount, what is also equally important is judicial reform to ensure swift and fair justice for victims, which would also serve to deter potential offenders. Too often, due to our lethargic justice system, victims never see the light of justice, emboldening criminals to continue their heinous acts.

Additionally, it is also important for policymakers to recognize the issues within the social fabric of the country and address it accordingly; raising awareness about gender-based violence and promoting a culture of respect and equality will go a long way to prevent such crimes from occurring with such alarming regularity in the first place.

It is time for all stakeholders -- government, civil society, and the public -- to come together to address violent crime in Bangladesh. Development is all well and good, but the ultimate ambition has to be a safer and more secure Bangladesh.

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