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Start preparing for dengue right now

We cannot afford to have a repeat of last year’s public health disaster

Update : 04 Mar 2024, 03:26 PM
Last year, Bangladesh witnessed an unprecedented wave of dengue which caused over 1,700 deaths and a reported 321,179 hospitalizations -- an utter disaster wrought by our city corporations’ abject failure in containing the Aedes mosquito.
With winter barely over, it now appears that the denizens of Khulna are now being all but consumed by swarms of mosquitoes with the local authorities doing next to nothing to stop this surge, according to a Daily Star report. Last year, a Dhaka Tribune report shed some light on the capital’s own efforts towards mosquito control and how measures are taken with next to no research -- conventional methods were found to yield inadequate results while a distinct lack of entomologists was also highlighted, who are absolutely crucial for mosquito control.
In Dhaka, due to the sheer number of stagnant pools of dirty water and the city’s inadequate waste disposal measures, it is all too easy for mosquitoes to breed. Is it any surprise, then, that dengue has become such a recurrent threat over time.
It has been over two years now that the government announced plans to adopt the sterile insect technique to control Aedes mosquitos, which is a nuclear-based environment-friendly technique of birth control whereby target insects are mass-reared and then sterilized by using radiation. The project was set to hit its halfway target sometime late last year or early this year, but have heard next to nothing about in terms of progress ever since its announcement.
We cannot afford to have a repeat of last year’s public health disaster. The government needs to gear up its efforts to control the mosquito population before things get out of hand yet again. Prevention, as they say, is better than finding a cure.
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