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Towards stronger ties with African nations

Bangladesh must remain committed to nurturing and diversifying its bilateral relationships

Update : 26 Aug 2023, 12:04 AM
It is encouraging to see Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ask Bangladeshi ambassadors stationed in African countries to enhance bilateral trade, business, and investments with those nations -- once again leading the way for Bangladesh to embrace its foreign policy motto of “friendship to all and malice towards none.”
Furthermore, the prime minister also encouraged bringing more Bangladeshi skilled manpower to African countries, taking measures to increase remittances. There is clearly untapped potential when it comes to forging stronger relationships with countries in Africa across a variety of sectors -- and the sooner we capitalize, the better.
Bangladesh has made remarkable strides in the past decade and a half, transforming itself from a struggling economy to a burgeoning one. However, for this progress to be sustained and to propel the nation towards a prosperous future, nurturing robust relationships remains paramount -- and its importance cannot be overstated.
In an era where global challenges such as climate change and pandemic responses require collective action, relationships take on even greater significance. Collaborating with countries in Africa in addressing common concerns not only ensures stability but also reinforces Bangladesh's position on the international stage.
Of course, it's vital to remember that maintaining these relationships requires diplomatic finesse; trust, respect, and shared values underpin successful partnerships. Bangladesh must continue to engage in open, constructive dialogues on that front, and truly believe in mutual benefits when forging any relationships.
To sustain economic growth and secure a prosperous future, Bangladesh must remain committed to nurturing and diversifying its bilateral relationships -- with nations in Africa just the latest in the long list of nations we can work with. 
We must continue to harness the potential of these partnerships to fuel innovation, improve infrastructure, and tackle global challenges head-on. It's through establishing strong relationships that Bangladesh can carve its path to a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.


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