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A milestone for regional diplomacy

It is imperative that the entire nation is aligned with this vision
Update : 03 May 2024, 10:07 AM
It is encouraging to hear Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina speak of safeguarding Bangladesh's economic interests and elevating its regional presence -- all of which will be exponentially more important as we inch ever closer to graduation from a least developed country. 
Her recent week-long visit to Thailand serves as yet another reminder that when it comes to reaching the next step in our economic development, it is effective diplomacy that could determine how successful we truly are with regard to fulfilling our ambitions. 
Strengthening ties between the two nations is a win-win situation, with both nations still aspiring towards further economic prosperity. Bangladesh will no soon no longer enjoy the trade incentives and benefits afforded to LDCs, and if we are to continue to be competitive as far as trade is concerned, smart diplomacy is the way to go. 
For Bangladesh, having a major Asean power as a strong ally is of particular importance beyond just trade utility as it continues to shelter the over one million Rohingya within its borders while still searching for the only long term viable solution of ensuring their repatriation back to their homes in Rakhine State in Myanmar. 
All in all, for Bangladesh to realize its ambitions of becoming a major regional player in its future, it must continue to forge stronger relationships with current major regional players. Beyond the PM, it is imperative that the entire nation is aligned with this vision, so that we can continue to excel at diplomacy and thereby excel with our progress and development. 
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