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Bringing discipline to our roads

The work has only just begun

Update : 06 Sep 2019, 08:54 PM

It is encouraging to see that the government has formed a task-force to implement the 111-point recommendation of the National Roads Safety Council to bring some much-needed order and discipline to our roads and highways, and to reduce accidents.

Just last Wednesday, eight people were killed in roads accidents in five districts in the country, and such days are not out of the ordinary. 

Entirely too many lives continue to be lost on a daily basis due to the sheer lack of discipline and care displayed by drivers on our roads and it is about time that something is done to address this issue beyond talking and protests.

To that end, the formation of this task-force -- which is to be led by the home minister and will begin its activities from next week -- is a positive step, one that tells the people of the country that the government is aware of this problem and is looking for solutions to address it.

However, the work has only just begun.

Beyond the regularity with which we see accidents on our streets, there is also the issue of the number of unfit vehicles that continue to operate, no doubt a major contributor to these accidents.

Additionally, there continues the problem of drivers operating without a license, and getting away without consequences even in the event of terrible accidents.

Therefore, while the government must be commended for taking certain measures to address this long-standing problem in Bangladesh, there is a long way to go before our roads and highways reach the level of safety and discipline we are aiming for.  

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