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Changing the traffic mind-set

It is through the vilification of the rule breaker that we can ensure that the streets can be safe

Update : 04 Aug 2019, 09:52 PM

As the death toll rises with each passing day, it seems we have continued to become more and more indifferent to traffic accidents and related casualties.

Most recently, the Thakurgaon road accident, in which a coach collided with a mini-bus, has seen 12 people lose their lives -- another reminder of how chaos rules the streets of our country. 

This is in addition to two madrassa students being killed in Barisal and three cattle traders killed in Comilla, not to mention the thousands that were injured in the process. 

In the first half of 2019, already at least 2,329 people, of whom 381 were children, have been killed in road accidents across the nation, and it seems that we will not be seeing an end to these meaningless deaths any time soon.

While the solution seems simple -- strict laws and even stricter implementation -- it seems that merely being serious about the issue is not enough, as what we are witnessing currently is a cultural issue, not a legal one.

Given the opportunity, it seems that the way we behave on the streets is inherently negligent of the risks that we take when we, for example, go on the wrong side of the road, speed, overtake, and disregard any other general rule. 

What we need is a socio-cultural revolution which generates awareness amongst the population in terms of driving safely and the potential risks we are taking. 

It is through the vilification of the rule breaker, on top strict laws and punishment, that we can ensure that the streets of Bangladesh can be safe. 

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